Thursday, July 15, 2010

BIG News!!!

Hope everyone had a great “hump” day!! Mine was SUPERB!!! I’ll tell you why in just a bit, but first here was my day in a nutshell. :)

I got in a quick workout in the gym before work. I did 32 minutes on the cross ramp burning over 350 calories. I was a sweaty beast! ;)

After I cleaned up I headed to my office and make breakfast quick: blueberry muffin oatmeal with 1/4c fresh blueberries for 2 points! Good stuff!DSC07882

My day was busier than yesterday, if you can even imagine! I had meetings from 10am-11:30am and then from 1pm-4pm. One was a webinar so I snuck in my morning snack. I had 1 1/2c strawberries, ww vanilla yogurt, and 1/4c granola for 3 points. DSC07883

I heated up leftovers quick before going to my all afternoon meeting. I had a serving of fiesta chicken and rice bake for 6 points. DSC07884

I ended up working a little late after my meetings got out and then went with my sister, Wendi, to the 2nd half of her classes. We did the 1st half last week. That is something else I need to tell you guys about!! We’ll save that for another day.

On to my BIG news!

Anyone remember this post? I finally told you guys why Kyle and I were tightening our budget belts. Well, if you don’t, Kyle left his job April 30th and went back to school full time. It was a hard choice that has been coming for a LONG time! We decided that happiness and time off are WAY more important that any amount of money! The goal was for him to find a less stressful job and take night classes. Well…he has been taking night classes since May and today……..








he had a job offer!!!! We couldn’t be happier!!! So we had to go out to celebrate!

Wendi and I met up with Kyle at Applebee's when the class got over around 9pm (I know not the best time to eat supper!). DSC07886

The cool thing about it being so late was that they had 1/2 price appetizers. They ordered boneless wings and I ordered chips & salsa (only $1.74!). The platter was HUGE!! I am estimating I had about 2 servings for 7 points. DSC07885

For my entree I had the WW option, Garlic Herb Chicken with a side of ranch. I didn’t end up eating it all, but (if I remember right) the portion is 7 points. DSC07887

We had a great time talking everything about Kyle’s new job. The cool thing is that he will be working at the place that I do and it just so happens that my sister, Wendi, is working there too!! My family is taking over! ;) j/k

We came home and finished the night off with ice cream sundaes. I had 1 c ff frozen yogurt topped with a few cut strawberries, and some lite chocolate syrup for 3 points! Delicious!DSC07888


POINTS = 28/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 5 used/30 remaining
WATER =  112 oz
EXERCISE = 32 min cross ramp

Alright guys, obviously, it’s now Thursday morning and I need to jet off to work! Hope everyone has a superb day! :D

So tell me, what life changing decision have you (or spouse) made and how did it turn out? So far the decision for Kyle to leave his previous job, go to school, and now a new job...I'm loving it!


spunkysuzi said...

Congratulations Kyle!!

Tricia said...

congrats to kyle!

Casey said...

YAY!! That's so awesome!!!! I bet you are super proud- going back to school can be rough.

Matt and I entered grad school together and I initially was working on a PhD. We decided last semester that the research and degree I was working on just weren't me, so I decided to finish my master's and switch gears a little. So far its been a really good and calming decision. He's still working on his PhD.

Heidi said...

Congrats to Kyle, and you. So neat that you two, and your sister, are all working at the same place. Makes for a great commute.

Hmmm, life changing. The day my daughter was born we also received delivery on a brand new truck AND my husband quit his job. He'd been working for a quite restrictive, demanding agency and decided to strike out on his own and become a broker. Best decision ever, but a bit terrifying at the time not knowing what it would be like and if he could make it in the open market. He's done well with it though so it all worked out.

Mae Flowers said...

Congratulations to Kyle!! I honestly don't think I've made any life changing decisions- maybe I need to be more spontaneous!

Savannah said...

Congratulations Kyle!!!!!

俊成俊成 said...
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