About Me

Status: Married!
Age: 27
Height: 5' 9"
Highest Weight: 202 (11.3.08)
Current Weight: 175 (5.25.12)
Goal Weight: 165

My name is Darci. I’m a 27 year old wife & mother from Iowa just trying to lose some pounds and become a healthier person through better nutrition and exercise. I have joined Weight Watchers 3 times over the past 8 years and each time I started I was a little heavier than the previous starting weight. I hope through my experiences I can inspire/encourage you with your journey!

The Younger Years
Growing up, I was never really the “skinny” kid, but also never over weight either. I was just pretty much average but I was always wanting to be skinnier. In high school I remember doing the “no carb” thing when my Dad & older sister did it. It wasn’t good for me though because I was an active athlete (participating in sports pretty much all school year) I was not getting the proper nutrition I needed to give me the energy my body required.

The College Years
When I started college I’m pretty sure I gained more than the traditional “freshman 15”. I first joined Weight Watchers in 2003 (weighing around 178) with my sister. I ate exactly my points to a “T”, didn’t exercise, and the weight fell off. But I also stopped going to the meetings and never met my goal weight.

Married Life
So once again the weight crept back on and in the winter of 2004 I joined Weight Watchers for the 2nd time. I had huge motivation this time because I was getting married to my best friend/boyfriend of 5 years! I got down to 157lbs for my wedding day and was happy!

But once again, I didn’t meet my goal weight and quit going to the meetings. And the busy-ness of married life got to me and I gained 50lbs over the next three years! The final time I joined Weight Watchers was in November 2008. After a long “life talk” (family, finances, health, etc) with my husband one Sunday night I realized I wasn’t happy with the place I had let myself get to and needed to make a change. That very next day (it was a Monday) I got back to counting points and then Tuesday walked into the Weight Watcher meeting tipping the scales at 202lbs.

The Recent Years
I steadily lost weight over the next 5-6 months and got down to the low 160s by sticking to my allotted daily points and exercising 5-6 days per week. In the early months of 2009 I decided I wanted to start running. I started out slow, only running 1-2 miles at a time and built a foundation from there.

All the running I was doing inspired Kyle (my husband) and he started running with me in early May. We ran our very first 5K race together at the end of the month. You can check it out here. From there we were hooked!

In June of 2009 I set my goal weight at 161 and made Lifetime Membership with Weight Watchers. I knew I wanted to get under 160, but I didn’t want to pay for the membership anymore. In 2009 I also ran my first half marathon with Kyle by my side. You can read the recap here.

In 2010 I continued eating well and running.  Kyle and I also got pregnant! I had a good pregnancy, but got lazy and gained 50 lbs. Kyle and I were blessed with our sweet baby girl on June 16th, 2011. Now I'm a "momma on a mission" to lose these post baby lbs!
So there you go…in a nutshell, that is my story of how I got to where I am today!


Lindsay said...

Yeah!!! You are awesome! I love your blog and your story so fun :)

classybrass said...

So inspiring!

Anonymous said...

New follower here! Your story is amazing. Can't wait to read more!

sassycassie said...

you are such a huge inspiration and wonderful person...i cant wait to read more

Jane said...

I love your wedding picture! You're beautiful! :)

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