Monday, May 3, 2010


Remember when I said this LAST Sunday: "I should be back to my normal daily posts this week now that I’m feeling better!"? Well I'm sorry friends, that was a lie! My life has been VERY full lately!

Here is a run down of my days last week:

6am - wake up, get ready for work
8am-1:30pm work (we're SUPER busy right now)
1:30-1:45 Eat lunch at my desk
1:45-6:30pm or 7pm work
6:45ish-8pm get home from work and run
8:15pm-9pm make & eat dinner
9:30pm CRASH in my bed!

Some days I worked longer, one day I had to teach until 8pm, one day we had a meeting a church till 9pm, and I think I spent 12+ hours on the phone with my sisters & parents last week! And a stinkin’ cold was trying to come on during all of that too!

I have to say that I missed you guys SO much! So I am going to try my hardest to get back to my daily posts!

Remember when I talked about how Kyle & I are tightening our "budget belts"? Well I can FINALLY tell you guys why!!! No we aren't moving or pregnant!
Kyle decided to leave his job....yep we went from being DINKS (Dual Income No Kids) to OINKS (One Income No Kids)! It was a hard choice that has been coming for a LONG time! We decided that happiness and time off are WAY more important that any amount of money! So this past Friday was his last day at his job! And we both couldn't be happier! He is going to go back to school full time to get his bachelor's degree and hopefully find a less stressful job! DSC07141

As far as food this past week I was NOT a good girl! So I have LOTS of work to do. Summer is right around the corner and I really would like to be  feeling more comfortable in my clothes! So it's the beginning of May, I'm going to make a fresh commitment to stick with my points and get my workouts in! Hold me accountable friends!

I'm going to hop on the scale tomorrow morning (probably have a heart attack) and be open with you guys on what it's telling me! I haven't talked about my weight much since before I went to Florida, which was mid-March! YIKES!! The sister challenge is STILL on! I would LOVE to win!!! 


Olivea said...

Good for your husband! That is so great that he decided to finish his education. I wish him the best of luck.

Heidi said...

I was wondering what had happened to you. Actually went to check your blog today in case I had missed your posts by some chance. Glad to 'see' you back.

That's very exciting about your husband. Change is always fun.

Syl said...

I know what a stressfull job can do on a person and a marriage and i couldn't be happier for both of you. Sometimes money isn't everything!

I was there many years ago, miserable and i'm at home , i don't make a penny but I am watching my kids grow up. better to be poor and happy then miserable and rich :-).

Janna said...

That is awesome that he has the opportunity to do that! GOOD LUCK!

Good for you for facing the scale! I hope it isn't as bad as you think it is...

Have a great week!

Mae Flowers said...

Congrats to your husband! It will make it a lot easier for him to go school and not have to work a job at the same time. I wish I could do that too, but I have to help pay the bills. Happy for you!

Lindsay said...

Good luck to you guys and I'm glad you are back to blogging!

Cupcake Dreamer said...

Glad to see you are back. We certainly missed you and all of your wonderful posts.

Sounds like you had to make a tough decision, but one that will benefit your family which are always the hardest to do.

I'm definitely looking forward to being inspired by your weightloss posts, and have missed you my friend.

Thanks for your comment on my new life adventure. :)

TJ said...

Wow, that's a big decision, but I agree- ya gotta be happy! :) Best of luck to you guys!!! :) XOXO

Gonna be thin in 2010 said...

So happy for you and your Hubby. Glad he is going back to school. Great decision. Hope everything works out for you!
Good luck with weigh in tomorrow! =)

spunkysuzi said...

I'm so glad that you guys found a solution that works for you!!

Cammy said...

Friends of mine recently did the same thing. One partner worked full-time (for me, actually) and the other went to school full-time and worked a few hours each week for pocket money. They both say it was the best decision they ever made.

WeightWatcher Mama said...

Great news that your DH is going back to school! That is awesome!

Good Luck on the scale tomorrow. Mine has been creeping since spring break (5-6 weeks now) and need to change my habits & get back on track too!

Kyle Gershman said...

Very exciting for you! And actually very usually takes a long time to realize that money isn't everything and there is always time.

Also...very cool that you are supportive of this and working through it together.

Like it or not, there is usually a gender difference when it comes to who works and who goes to school type of thing.

You guys are one together young couple!

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