Thursday, April 15, 2010

to verify or not?

It was interesting to hear what everyone does to maintain your brows!! I definitely miss waxing, but that is $12+ more in our budget each month! And you will all find out soon why we are tightening up our “budget belts”!

I started out my morning with oatmeal again today. I went to my office early and this is easy to whip up in the break room! It was the usual combo of instant oatmeal, PB2, and a small sliced banana for 4 points. DSC06962

I love how oatmeal always keeps me feeling full for a long time in the mornings! I didn’t dig into my morning snack until after 11am! Once again I had the SAME thing, 1 1/2c strawberries, 1/4c grape nuts, and strawberry yogurt for 3 points. DSC06963

I sure hope you guys aren't getting bored of my same ole morning eats everyday! I don't think I could ever get burnt out on oatmeal or strawberry/yogurt combos!

For lunch today I decided to have a Boca burger! I almost forgot I had these in the freezer! Along side I also had 1c honeydew for a total of 3 points. I sure do love these Boca burgers! DSC06964

Finished up my afternoon at work and then headed to my class I'm teaching. We started a new section tonight and I think my students are really liking it a lot more than the first part of the class! Whew...makes my job easier! During class I snacked on roughly 2 servings of reduced fat wheat thins and a diet Sunkist for 4 points.

On the way home I had a oats & chocolate fiber one bar for 2 points. Talk about having your desert before supper! Don't worry, it didn't completely spoil my appetite!  DSC06965

I had no intention of running today since I knew I wouldn’t be home until after 8:30pm, but for some reason I couldn’t resist!

It was dark by the time I hit the pavement. I decided to do something quick so I did 19:58 minutes worth of intervals and went 2.05 miles! Check out my “best pace”…I wasn’t messing around!DSC06966

When I got in from my run I had a bowl of honeydew, grapes, & 1/2c cottage cheese for 3 points. DSC06967

Tomorrow's Friday my friends, we’ve almost made it through the week! I enjoy my job, but I LOVE my weekends even more! ;)


POINTS = 19/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 0 used/35 remaining
ACTIVITY POINTS EARNED =   3 today/11 week
WATER = 112 oz
EXERCISE = 20 minute interval run

What’s your take on the subject?

So today on Twitter, Caitlin was talking about how she didn't like the word verification on blogs and she wouldn't comment if someone had that. Well little did I know I had that as a requirement to comment on my blog! So I removed it now...feel free to swarm me with comments now, my lovely readers!! ;)

What's your take on it? Do you comment if someone has word verification? For me? I sure do, but I have to say, sometimes it is annoying because I don't always get it right on the first try!


Mae Flowers said...

I was thinking about turning mine off too. I comment whether the blogger has it or not. I don't find it that big of a deal, but it goes much faster when it's turned off! So what's the big news? Are you going to have a baby? :)

Olivea said...

I love boca burgers! I had one for lunch yesterday too!

As far as word verifications, they are kind of annoying, but they rarely stop me from commenting on a blog.

She woke up FAT said...

I have world verify but have to admit that it does stop me from commenting on other blogs. It slows me down, it's annoying and often times I have to do it two or three times before I get it right.

Cupcake Dreamer said...

I agree with the other girls. I always use the verification, and didn't even know you COULD turn it off. :)

What is the big news?

Mrs. M said...

I love Boca chicken patties. My fave burgers are the Morning Star chipotle black bean burgers. Yum!

Word verification is not a prob for me. It's not that hard...

Sam said...

I don't think word verification is that big of a deal at all - it doesn't take a ton of time... so it doesn't stop me from commenting.

So big news? Preggo??? :) :)

Heidi said...

Fast interval! Good job.

I recently removed the word verfication from my blog as well. I too didn't realize I had it on there. Personally I won't avoid commenting on a blog because of it, but it is easier without it. There's been a couple times where I've forgetten to do the word verification and I click 'X' before I realize it. Then my comment is lost and I'm too lazy to go back and retype it.

I think it's supposed to stop random computer generated comments (spam). But I haven't had an issues with that ... so far. I don't think mine is big enough to attract the attention of would be spammers.

Funny how so many of us are wqondering if your preggers. :) Though my 2nd guess would be that you have bought (or are buying) a new house.

Casey said...

I love Boca burgers! I tried them for the last time last week.

And yes- I still comment if there is word verification, but I took it off my blog since a lot of people had trouble commenting with it.

Janna said...

Funny...I turned mine off last night...because I saw someone gripe about it too!

Have a great weekend!

Kyle Gershman said...

I took the word verification off of mine. I figure that if something is really and truly inappropriate, SPAM, etc. then I can delete the comment.

Of course, I don't let it stop me from commenting however.

What I HATE are the music pluggins that start playing when you open the blog...those do suck.

Sunny Days said...

Love your morning food choices....I have the same things all the time too and real close to yours, only I start the day with the yogurt/granola/fruit and coffee most every day.
I have been wondering how the Boca burgers taste.
The word verification is sometimes annoying but never stops me.( I had to sign in 6 times to get to my account tonight)

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