Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rockin’ Friday…literally!

Happy Friday Friends!! We made it!!

So it seems like the consensus from yesterday’s question is that, for the most part, word verification doesn’t stop you from commenting!

My Friday started out a bit sluggish. Kyle and I stayed up a tad bit too late last night and I wasn't too keen on getting out of bed when the alarm went off at 6am this morning! But nevertheless, I did!

Breakfast was a HUGE smoothie! I think I must have used more ice than normal because the blender was FULL! Today my smoothie contained 1 small banana, 1 1/2 c strawberries, strawberry yogurt, 1/2 scoop of protein powder and ice for a total of 4 points. DSC06968

I plan to pick up some spinach this weekend at the grocery store so I can try out my first "green monster"!

I struggled to keep my eyes open through the morning. But I think the fact that it is Friday got me through! Well, that, and my morning snack! The usual mix of 1 1/2c strawberries, 1/4c grape nuts, and strawberry yogurt for 3 points. DSC06969

I ran a bunch of errands on my lunch break so I had to get something quick. I ended up having a SmartOne’s meal for 5 points. DSC06971

I was anxious for my afternoon to get over! I had big plans for the night with the girls! :) My sister hosted all of us at her house. We all brought something “snacky” to share and we ended up having quite the spread!DSC06972

And here is plate #1: black bean dip w/chips, fruit, and fruit pizza. [estimate of 9 points, keep in mind this is an appetizer sized plate!]DSC06973

My sister’s FAT cat!! His name is Cleo and he weighs over 20lbs!! Abby & him are not friends! ;) I think he was about ready to pounce on my toes!DSC06975

I did a little more snacking through the night. I ate this delicious mini lemon poppy seed muffin. Then came a yummy brownie! [estimate of 4 points]

DSC06976 DSC06977

One of the main reasons for our “get together” was for our friend, Ginger, to share her pictures & stories from her recent missions trip to Guatemala!DSC06978

I enjoyed some more snacks while she was sharing! Ritz crackers w/pickle dip & some more fruit. [estimate of 2 points]DSC06980

She had some AMAZING stories and miracles to share of what God did while they were on their trip. It was also so sad to see the poor orphans and to hear their stories. Makes me want to go!

Afterwards we were going to play Rock Band, but we couldn’t get to it work for some reason. :( So we decided to go for desert!DSC06981 

Brownie Sundae's! [estimate of 9 points]DSC06983

Everyone had pretty much cleared about by 11pm and then it was “safe” for my BIL to come home…the girl party was over! ;) And hooray, he got Rock Band to work! DSC06991

We had an awesome jam session! DSC06992

I finally called it a night around 1am!


POINTS = 36/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 13 used/22 remaining
ACTIVITY POINTS EARNED =   0 today/11 week
WATER = 64 oz


spunkysuzi said...

Looks like you guys had a great time and some great munchies :)

Syl said...

looks like you guys had an awesome evening, you know what I love about you the most cute Darci? the fact that you are accountable for everything you eat! You go girl!

To bad about the cruise, although I'm not sure you would want to be stuck with me for 10 days :-) I'm a little on the crazy side LOL!

Casey said...

Great job on tracking all the little bites. Girl night snacking is hard to keep up with.

Sounds great about the mission trip. Its good that she has friends like you and your sister supporting her and encouraging her.

I'm going to make your fiesta chicken and rice bake tomorrow!

Mae Flowers said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Those brownie sundaes look delish!

Cammy said...

Doesn't it feel great to know that staying on plan (or close to it) all week leaves room for indulgences like brownie sundaes?

Looks like a great time was had by all, which is a great way to wind up the week!

TJ said...

Looks like you had a great time but I gotta say BRAVO to ya for COUNTING YOUR POINTS! :) Wow, thats a huge accomplishment when you are eating like that. I have a hard time with snack stuff so BRAVO to ya! :)

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