Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling good!

What a beautiful weekend….and an ever better forecast for the week! image

Kyle and I started out our morning enjoyed a Palm Sunday service at church. But I’m so bummed…

I forgot to take a picture of my outfit! I wore a new denim pencil skirt from Gap ($9.97 clearance score!!), a cardigan, and a spring-y scarf…I got so many comments at church about how nice a looked & a few people asked if I had been losing weight! I know many of you have said it before…but it sure is motivating to hear those kind words!!

I did have a fiber one bar for 2 points on the way to church…photographed though.

After church Kyle and I made breakfast! He wanted pancakes so I had a repeat of yesterday. I kept them simple today…but I made them “just” how I like them… “rare”! Don’t ask…but I love them that way! :) I also had a small amount of Kyle’s sausage patties. My breakfast was a total of 7 points. DSC06768

After breakfast we laid down for a little nap that turned into 2 hours, but it felt great!! And then we got up to enjoy the beautiful afternoon! Before that I finished off the chips & cheese dip for 6 points, afternoon munchies!

I met up with  my friend/neighbor and went for a walk with her 2 boys and Abby! DSC06769

Abby was super happy to be outside and running her little legs off!DSC06770

We made a big loop around the neighborhood totaling about 25 minutes keeping our pace quick! We ended our walk at their house and played in the sandbox! I kind of felt like I was a kid again…especially when the boys got out of the sandbox and I kept playing! ;)DSC06774

After our walk I came home and helped Kyle in the garage. We got a lot of things cleaned up & organized…all ready for the warm weather that’s headed our way!

Before we knew it it was after 7pm and I hurried inside to make supper. I made pizza casserole, but modifying it a little from last time I made it. Today I added some yellow & red peppers and also some ham. Much more flavorful than last time! DSC06776

I also had 1 c honeydew melon on the side!DSC06777

My supper in total was 7 points. And it fit perfectly on my Pottery Barn Easter egg plate! DSC06775

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and was able to enjoy the spring weather!

POINTS = 22/23
WATER =  64 oz
EXERCISE = 25 min walk


Syl said...

your casserole looks so yummy, I have been wanting pizza all weekend just never got around to making it - today's the day!! I don't have the ingredients for your casserole but will definately be having pizza today :-)

I'm sure you looked great in your outfit, to bad about not having a time!

spunkysuzi said...

You had a great weekend!! I love the better weather :)
That casserole does indeed look good!

Kelly said...

What a wonderful day! Don't you just love spring? Favorite time of the year. Abby seems pretty happy about it too. :)

Yummo pizza! Wow.

Mrs. M said...

We have a pretty similar forecast, but our says 80's for Wed and Thurs!

I have to make that pizza casserole...

Clayton said...

Darc! I remember having "rare" pancakes with you at the cabin on the lake one summer, many, many years ago! Funny that you still eat them that way! :) -Tawny

TJ said...

Looks like a FUN day! Yum to that pizza casserole!

Casey said...

I gave you a bravo in my blog today!

Keep up the good work, Darci! Glad you had a good trip to FL.

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

That pizza casserole looks SO good! I can't wait to try it as soon as I"m eating meat again ;)

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