Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun & Productive Saturday

Happy weekend everyone!! We made it! :)

I got up early enough to see Kyle off to work. I feel bad for the poor guy, he never has Saturday’s off! :(

I did a few things at home…i.e. sorted a winter’s worth of recycling that was piled up in shed (too cold to sort it during the winter!), took back pop cans, made a quick stop at Target and then……

the GYM!!! I bet you guys thought I had given up on exercising! ;) I had a rough 40 minute run that included a few minutes of walking for warm up & cool down, a few intervals, and a few breaks to stretch because my left calf kept cramping up. :( Hoping my next run will be better!

I inhaled a banana for 1 point once I finished up at the gym!DSC06760

I did a TON of cleaning when I got back from the gym. It felt good to get it done after being gone for a week. Everything is back in it’s place now and we have a spic & span house! :)

In the middle of my cleaning I took a break to have some brunch (it was after 12pm already!). I used my new Krusteaz FF pancake mix to make some pancakes. I topped them with a small sliced banana with some sf syrup on the side for dipping. A wonderful 4 point brunch! DSC06761

Since I had a clean house I couldn’t help but invite friends over & enjoy it! We ended up grilling out!! If my plate doesn’t scream spring/summer, I don’t know what does!! ;)

I had another Boca burger, a turkey cheese dog, some honeydew melon, and sf jello w/marshmallows for 8 points. DSC06763 DSC06764

We enjoyed our evening chatting away. I felt like we had to catch up with our friends and everything that went on while we were gone for the week!

Abby even got a special treat. A few weeks ago I picked up a few treats at a “dog bakery” in the mall.DSC06767

This little pb cup was the last one left! She couldn’t wait to eat it!! :)DSC06765

Of course she inhaled it in about 2 bites!!DSC06766

I ended up munching on some tortilla chips with queso throughout the evening for an estimate of 6 points.

We ended up going to a movie, Hot Tub Time Machine. It was pretty fun, not like the Hangover though. That is what I’ve been hearing everyone compare it to!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I’m off for a walk with my pup…it’s a gorgeous day!

POINTS = 18/23
WATER =  96 oz
EXERCISE = 40 minute run

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Seth said...

sounds like a good saturday to me!

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