Monday, September 16, 2013

13 Months?

Good evening blog friends!

Hello??? Anyone still there after my 13 month blog break? I can’t image why anyone would stick around, it’s been pretty boring around these parts lately!
Here’s what’s been going on in my life the past 13 months:
  • My last post mentioned a goal of weighing 162lbs by 8.31.12, well that didn’t happen because this happened:

  • Yep, I was baking baby #2!

  • I had great intentions of having a healthier pregnancy than the first time around. I started out really well, but I quit working out week 14 and around week 20 I had already gained 17lbs. It didn’t stop there, I ended up gaining almost 50lbs again! {not good!!!}

  • Something good did come out of that weight gain though; I got my sweet baby boy, Avery James! He made his arrival on March 7, 2013 weighing 9lbs 11oz and I completely fell in love all over again! Who knew you could love two little people SO much?!?
  •  I thoroughly enjoyed my 12 week maternity leave at home with my kiddos. I didn’t workout or track my eats though. After Memorial Day I went back to work full time and also have a small part time gig as well.
  • Now here I am, Avery is over 6 months old and I still have 20lbs to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. AND…I’d like to lose about another 10-15lbs on top of that! So this mama has some work to do!
I’ve quickly learned that being a working mom of 2 is HARD WORK! I always thought I was busy before I had kids and then when Adelyn made her arrival, she filled up my time even more. Now that I look back I had SO MUCH free time before I had 2 kids, perspective is a funny thing! I’m not going to use that excuse anymore. I’m going to make time to work out, meal plan, and spend some time on me! {Goodness that sounds selfish!}
Stick around…or come back, please! Blogging was such a key part of my weight loss back in 08-09 and I want make it a key part once again!


Jams said...

Congrats on baby 2! I wondered where you had gone. I had baby 1 in February, 2013 and am pregnant again due in March, 2014! Eek! I look forward to watching your journey and maybe picking up a few tips from a mom of two! :)

Sam said...

So glad to see you back!! I've missed your posts!! =) Congrats on your 2nd angel, he is a cutie! =) Can't wait to watch you shrink again =)

Marleen Swart said...

Congratulations on baby no 2. Can't believe that you were gone for 13 months :0 Yes, with two your time will be limited but still doable for things like exercise and healthy living. I have two as well and it's possible.

MadersMom said...

Did not know you were back to blogging on here! I just happened to check while I had my favorites opened on my old computer!! What a nice surprise!!!!

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