Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Happy Tuesday friends! I have a few things to update ya'll on. I didn't make my goal of being 165lbs by Adelyn's 1st birthday. I made it to 171lbs, so close! Her birthday was a turning point, something changed in me and I got lazy {again}. The scale has gradually been creeping up over the weeks, but now with the inspiration of my husband I'm back in the game!

Monday was day 1 {again} for me! I have set my goal. I want to be 150lbs by November 1st. Currently I am 176lbs. Do the math: that's 26lbs in 16 weeks, average of 1.62lbs/week. Doable? I think so! A tough goal to meet? Absolutely! I'm going to push myself. I finished nursing Adelyn last month, so I don't have to worry that I'm taking in enough calories to produce enough milk for her.

I set a few goals to keep me focused this month. Check 'em out!

July Goals

1. workout 5 days/week
2. attend every WW meeting
3. Try 2 new recipes
4. weigh 167 by 7.31.12 {lose 9 lbs}

I looked back at when I first started the blog. I was so strict with myself, I took pictures of my eats, I worked out all the time, and I lost 23.5lbs in 2 months! Now I know at that point I'm sure it came off faster because I had much more to lose, but still that is amazing! I'm going to do it again!

Here's where you guys come in! Looking back when I lost weight the first time ya'll were such an encouragement and inspiration to me. The blog world was and still is such an integral piece of my success. Will you do me a favor and support me in this goal {again}?


Maren Dalida said...

I love that you didn't just give up after gaining a few lbs back. It's a lifestyle change, not just a diet. I'll be here to encourage you, as I'm in the same boat -- wanting to lose a few. I'm using myfitnesspal to stay motivated and on track.

Kim said...

I'm all in... let's do this, Darci!

Jillian said...

We can do it together! I was really focused and lost 20 pounds between December and April and then I started a new job in April and I've been to the gym twice since then :( I started over yesterday too and went to Zumba and started counting calories again. How about we encourage each other?!

Sam said...

I'm still reading and will continue to do so... You can do this Darci! You have done it before, you know what to do... all you need is some will power =) You got this!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

I'm right here to support you!! I have recently gotten re-motivated to get this weight off too! We can do this!! I'm cheering for ya!

blackhuff said...

I KNOW that you can do it again because you have the knowledge and also the tools in succeeding at it again. And do it for yourself. Not for your daughter and not for your hubby - for yourself.

Daniel greg said...

You did a great job for weight loss. This is the prime example of try and try and you will be success. Never give up when you start a work out because it gives a result you later is well.

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Freew67 said...

1.6 lbs per week can be done, but no messing about! Enjoy the blog, just been reading thru a few pages. Good luck!


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