Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Plan

First of all, thank you sweet friends for all your kind & encouraging words on my post yesterday! It means so much that you’re still out there and didn’t give up on me!

I thought I’d update you on what I’m doing to lose weight.

As many of you know I became a lifetime Weight Watchers member in June 2009. My goal weight was 161. Why 161? No reason other than the fact I was happy with my weight there and I was ready to go for free!! So that’s what I am doing, Weight Watchers,…for life! Winking smile I’ve still got a good number of lbs to lose before I can go for free again, but it’s more than attainable and I KNOW I can do it!

Currently I get 37 points per day. I get an additional 7 because I am nursing. Before Adelyn was solely nursing and wasn’t on solids yet I got 44 points/day. I think 37 is going to be much better for my weight loss.

I’m also getting in about 4 workouts/week. I either go over my lunch break and get in a quick 30 minutes or I go in the evening after I’ve put Adelyn to bed. Sometimes its hard to go at almost 8pm, but I have to keep telling myself I CAN DO THIS!

Another motivation is Live Healthy Iowa. From their website:

Live Healthy Iowa brings together friends, families, businesses and communities in team-based wellness challenges designed to promote positive lifestyle change. My work encouraged people to get teams together.

So one of my staff members & I got 2 teams together and are having a little friendly competition! There are 8 members on my team and we named ourselves the “Sweat Sisters” because there are 2 sets of sisters on the team! Our main goal is activity minutes. Not only will increased activity help my weight loss, but it will also help my Live Healthy Iowa team!

That’s the plan friends! Help me stay accountable and soon enough I will be at my lifetime weight again and won’t have to suck it in when I shimmy those jeans on! Ha! Smile


Wendi said...

Glad to be on this journey with you sweat sister! (I always want to write sista instead haha) you've always been a motivation for me and I love having you as a workout buddy:) <3 you sis!

Jana K. said...

SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK! I am totally in your same shoes right now trying to find the balance now with baby #2 & get back in shape! Your blog is such a good motivation for me; I'm so glad you are blogging again :o) I started going to a bootcamp class on Thursdays for an hour and it is the most intense work out of my life! Keep up the good work!!!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

I'm looking forward to your posts! I'm so afraid that once Hubby and I have a baby that I will gain all of my weight back! I love seeing how you are fitting in the workouts and everything with a new baby.

phentermine said...

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