Wednesday, February 2, 2011

20 weeks

20 weeks - 2.2.11  Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 20 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby Bangert is the size of a cantaloupe

Total Weight Gain/Loss: gained 18lbs

Maternity Clothes: I wear maternity jeans and pants but everything else is regular.  Things are getting tighter though!

Gender: It’s a girl!!!

Movement: Beginning to feel my little girl more lots more these days! 

Sleep: Not too bad, I get up a few times throughout the night to go to the bathroom. I guess it’s preparing me for a newborn!

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach and a bigger selection of clothes!

Cravings: I don't have specific cravings. I just like to eat! ;) I don’t think ice cream counts, I love that anytime!

Symptoms: Really can’t complain! Feeling pretty well!

Best Moment this week: Finding out & seeing our baby girl! Amazing!

Last Tuesday we had our ultrasound appointment. Kyle was there (of course) and Aunt Wendi came too! It was so amazing to see that little life inside me!1.25.11 ultrasoundThursday we had our follow up appointment with the Doctor and said she looks perfectly healthy. Kyle got a kick out of her saying “baby looks proportional”! They measured me about 6 days ahead, but wanted to stick with my original due date, maybe that means Baby Girl Bangert will come before June 16th!

Nursery Preview! 

Kyle painted while we were off work over Christmas break. We chose Restoration Hardware “light silver sage” for a color. It’s a light blue/gray. I knew it would (obviously) work for a boy, but thought if we added pink to the room it would look great for a girl too!image-6082303950851780

Last weekend Kyle installed a closet organizer in the nursery. I just LOVE how it turned out, I’m all about organizing!!DSC09772DSC09771

Tuesday afternoon Kyle & I got off work early because of a snow storm, so I worked another nursery project. I REALLY, REALLY wanted to purchase a new dresser, but we’re trying to do the nursery on a budget! So we are using a dresser we already had, but I wanted to “dress” it up a bit. I added some pop of color inside the drawers. Idea courtesy of Young House Love! We are also going to add some handles too!



Here is a sneak peak of the bedding. This is something I purchased from Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago on super clearance. I think it was back in 2006 I had MAJOR baby fever, but after lots of chats with Kyle we decided it just wasn’t the right time yet. But since we’re having a girl we still get to use the bedding!DSC09761 And you can see from this picture too that we have a white crib. Kyle set up the crib over our Christmas break also. Last weekend I washed all her bedding & made the bed! The crib was a generous gift from some friends who moved out of state a few years ago and their little guy was ready to move to a big bed. We purchased their crib mattress for only $25 (they paid over $200) I guess it pays to plan ahead!

That’s all for now friends! Kyle & I are enjoying our snow day off work today. Going to do a few more projects in the nursery!! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who periodically purchases some baby clearance items when I'm having a baby fever moment! I have a sheet, quilt and a changing pad cover just waiting to be used...

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

You are so cute!

blackhuff said...

You sound so happy .. I'm glad for you :)

madhu said...

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Jenna Marie said...

Thanks for the updates!! Can't wait to see the room in person in just a few short weeks!! :-]
Seeing your baby girl on the ultrasound pic is making this all soo much more real to me!! AHH!!! Love it!!! That's be amazing if she'd come earlier!
PS you are right, you could never count ice cream as a 'pregnancy' craving!!!! ;)

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Looking cute! I love the color that you picked out!

Skinny H said...

Everything looks so great! I know y'all are excited. Hubby and I are headed in the same direction as you guys. Hopefully the Lord will bless us soon with a little one. =) I am ocd about being orgainzed and budgeting. I love the closet. Your little girl is so blessed to have such great parents already!!!

Casey said...

I love the patterns inside the drawers. So sweet!

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