Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Fun Cruise – Days 1 & 2

Early Sunday morning Kyle & I arrived at our local airport to wait for a delayed flight. :( We ended up sitting in the airport for 2 1/2 hours before taking off.  DSC09353

We stayed positive though and were excited for our upcoming vacation!DSC09356

We missed our connecting flight and got to Tampa around 6pm, rented a car, and picked up my sister, Mindi, & her hubby, Preston.

We hit up Giordanos for 2nd time in 2 weeks! Chicago anyone? ;)DSC09361

Mindi & Preston were more than excited to try Chicago style pizza!!DSC09357

And of course Kyle knew all the yummy, pizza goodness that was he was about to devour!DSC09358

We met up with my sister, Stef, and her husband, Geoff. _DSC1612

And my cousin Dar, and his fiancé, Julie!_DSC1615

We all stayed in downtown Tampa for the night, just a hop, skip, & a jump away from the port!_DSC1603

We all met up for breakfast the next morning and couldn’t wait to get on the boat!!_DSC1636

It was a short bus ride to the port.DSC09365

Everyone was all smiles!DSC09362

Especially me & my Superman…aka Kyle! ;)DSC09364

Checking in was a breeze, this was the first view of my home for the next 5 days! DSC09367

We spent the first few hours exploring the ship. Check out our room!DSC09467

The bathroom wasn’t quite big enough for my burly husband!DSC09468

We even squeezed in a few activities before we left port. _DSC1681

At 5pm sharp, we left the Tampa port…..DSC09370

and we had front row seats!_DSC1707_DSC1778_DSC1783

Everyone cleaned up & changed for dinner!_DSC1800

Brent & Shelly were the last couple to join our group, 10 of us total!_DSC1803 _DSC1805 _DSC1799

The menu was full of options!_DSC1794_DSC1795

Even healthy options!DSC09377

And maybe some not so healthy ones! Gotta splurge on vacation!DSC09379

Dessert is our favorite course!DSC09382

After an excellent dinner with happy tummies, we headed to the front of the ship for the opening show!_DSC1822DSC09383          

Day 2 – At Sea 

We spent the majority of the day, RELAXING! We slept in, enjoyed a wonderful breakfast was a view of the Gulf, and soaked in the sun! It was glorious!

Dinner day 2 was the formal one and I LOVE to dress up!!_DSC1830

I picked up my dress at Younkers, a size too big, had it altered and still only had $17 total in it! LOVE good deals!_DSC1832 _DSC1833   _DSC1845


We met up at the President’s Reception before dinner for some complimentary champagne! _DSC1843

Who can say no to free drinks?!?!_DSC1849

It was SO fun to go on the cruise with my sisters! One little sister was missing though! :( Next time, Wendi, right?!?! ;)_DSC1848

Once again, the food did not disappoint!DSCN3742DSCN3744

But of course, dessert was, as always, my favorite!DSCN3745

And I love that you can order more than just one! ;)DSC09385


I ended up calling it a night after dinner. I know, I know, party pooper! I was feeling a bit under the weather. The rest of the crew enjoyed the show & some dancing!

To save you from picture overload, I’m going to split my cruise re cap into a few posts. Check back tomorrow for more!


thresholdofgreatness said...

I was waiting for this post! :D I spent Thanksgiving week on the Oasis of the Seas and I was wondering if we somehow were on the same ship without knowing it! How weird would that have been?

Did you try the vidalia onion tart? It is one of my favorite menu items!

Looking forward to the remaining cruise posts!

Syl said...

Have to say that I couldn't get past that pizza! OMG that looks so good!

Looks like you had an amazing time Darci, can't wait to read the rest!

spunkysuzi said...

You guys are having so much fun!! All the food looks good :)

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Looks like an awesome trip! I really want to go on a cruise!

I love your dress, I can't believe what a great deal you got!

blackhuff said...

The food on the cruise sure do look healthy and so yummy. Dessert is not my favorite option, I prefer starters. Salty things are my weak point :)
Looks like you had the ball of your life.

TJ said...

love the pics! Looks like a fun time! :)

Kelly said...

How much fun! Those desserts...I'm not sure I could resist any.
But that pizza has my attention. Dang, that looks good!

Looks like everyone had a great time.
I'd never noticed that your "burly man" had one blue eye and one brown. So cool!

I'm glad you got to go on such a wonderful vacation. You looked so pretty too.

kate said...

Love the recap! Cruises are such a blast. I love vacation!

Mae Flowers said...

Love the pictures. Hubby and I really need to go on a cruise!

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