Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Fun Cruise – Days 3, 4, & 5

Just in case you missed days 1 & 2, click here.

Day 3 – Costa Maya

I woke up at a perfect time Wednesday morning, I worked out while the view of Costa Maya came into sight!DSC09386


This tiny little boat helped us dock!DSC09395 

Check out the rainbow that welcomed us!

DSC09393 DSC09392


I almost forgot how big our boat was, until we got off! Wow!DSC09399   _DSC2032

We first scoped out all the local shops!_DSC2041_DSC2039

And then found the pool in the middle, with a view of the Gulf & our boat!_DSC2038

We enjoyed a dolphin show! DSC09403DSC09407 DSC09408

We spent the afternoon in the pool, ate some yummy Mexican…DSC09413

and just lounged!DSC09410

Gotta love vacation!DSC09411

We were wore out from the sun, but made it back to the boat, can’t miss dinner!

These were the wonderful people who took care of us each night at dinner. This night all the wait staff came out singing & dancing, it was too fun!_DSC2107

Of course we had to join the party!_DSC2112

So glad this is a food blog, I know you guys appreciate good food, otherwise I worry you would get bored with all these food pictures!DSC09414_DSC2118

Yes I was one of those nerd-y cruise passengers that wore the Royal Caribbean lanyards, but it was so convenient to keep my SeaPass card & Cruise Compass (our daily list of activities!) for the day!DSC09415

It was so fun to get to know Julie, my cousin’s fiancé. They got married the weekend after we got back from the cruise!DSC09416


We all got a good laugh out of this random guy that decided to join Brent & Shelly for a picture…Brent & Shelly didn’t know till afterwards when I showed them the picture!DSC09418DSC09417

I think it’s funny I mainly only took pictures of dessert! ;)_DSC2122DSC09423

After dinner we hung out in the Centrum, enjoying the tree that was put up while we were at Costa Maya for the day.DSC09433_DSC2126

Us girls sat & chatted the evening away…_DSC2137    _DSC2141

The boys did…well boy things! ;) Drink beer & gamble!DSC09436

In the spirit of gambling, we played a friendly game of Texas Hold ‘em! Julie & I were the newbie’s at the table, but check out all those chips I have! Beginners luck?!?!?DSC09438

Day 4 – Cozumel, Thanksgiving Day

This was the extent of my Thanksgiving…lounging on the beach & in the Gulf! DSC09440

It was perfect!DSC09449

So it’s not the traditional day with family, but we were both ok with that! I mean who can say no to lounging in 80+ degree weather!DSC09441


For lunch we sat by the pool & bar, water fall included!DSC09450


Cheers to Thanksgiving vacations!DSC09447

Do nachos count for Thanksgiving dinner? They were delish!DSC09453

So when we pulled into port Thanksgiving morning our Captain said we were docked next to our big sister, the Liberty of the Seas, he wasn’t kiddening! I thought our boat was big!_DSC2146

It felt like we were walking in between 2 sky scrapers, rather than 2 boats!DSC09464

When it was time to get back on the ship we headed to the front to see how everything all worked!DSC09474

Look what we saw, a boat that almost sunk that was getting pulled into shore! That sucks!DSC09476

See those ropes, they are actually HUGE!! And those 2 guys laying down were just waiting for there cue to un hook us!DSC09477

We watched us leave port and waved goodbye to Cozumel. Then it was that time again, to eat! ;)

They had traditional Thanksgiving options on the menu! I went for the ham, it was BY FAR the best ham I’ve ever had!!DSC09482

Kyle went for the turkey, he said it was awesome!DSCN3862

I’m so thankful for this wonderful man and that we had the opportunity to go on this vacation with family & friends! We are truly blessed!DSC09483

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without apple pie a la mode!!DSC09486

Or pumpkin pie! ;) Yep, once again I had multiple desserts!DSC09487

The show that night was the Love & Marriage game!DSC09489

The questions & answers kept us entertained!! I even quizzed Kyle in our seats!DSC09491

Day 5 – At Sea

Friday came & was bitter sweet! We looked forward to a fun day on the ship, but it was our last. :(

We spent the day at the pool, in the sun, and of course eating! ;)_DSC2347

So jealous of my cousin & his new wife, they went with us on the cruise for a week, came home for 4 days, got married, and this week they are on their honeymoon in Jamaica! Sounds like an amazing 3 weeks!_DSC2348


Our last dinner together on the cruise. :(_DSC2350


I think the chef saved the “fancy” foods for the last night! Mindi was excited to have lobster!DSC09495

Going in…and she liked it! :)DSC09496

Us cousins like to be silly! Keep things fun! ;)DSC09497

The waiter even took the lobster out of the shell! What service!DSC09498

Kyle & I aren’t sea food fans, but he decided to give it a try! I think that’s an “I’m not sure about this” smile!DSC09499

Still smiling….not for long though! He wasn’t a fan!DSC09501

We decided we’ll stick with dessert! A triple threat this time! :)DSC09502

There was a variety show for the last night! Music, singing, & dancing! Very fun!DSC09503

And a former Olympic gold medalist who did circ de soleil, but comedy too!DSC09508

This dude was pretty impressive!DSC09510

Such fun memories!!_DSC2385

We docked the next morning at 7am and got off the boat by 9am and headed to the airport.

Can’t wait for our next group vacation!!_DSC2377


Fashion Meets Food said...

Looks like an absolutely fabulous time with lots of delish food and cute outfits! That tree is gorgeous!


spunkysuzi said...

Wow, i am sooo jealous :)

Casey said...

The pictures look great! I love the purple dress! Too cute, where did you get it? Glad you had a great vacay

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

What an amazing trip!

I love your last dress - very cute!

Connie B said...

Awesome!!!! I am going on my first cruise EVER in May 2011. These pics are really jazzing me up to go NOW!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Mae Flowers said...

Wow- your cousin and his now wife are so lucky to have such a long vacation! Looks so fun!

Heidi said...

Your trip looks like SO much fun. Ahh, to relax in hammocks like that. I absolutely LOVE your pink dress in the last pictures. Very cute!

Mrs. M said...

That looks like so much fun. We took a cruise for part of our honeymoon, and I want to go back! We would like to do the Alaskan cruise next time.

Amanda said...

aaaaaand now I'm hungry and wish I could go on a cruise even more ;-) I'm so glad you guys had such an amazing time! And kudos for the in depth recaps!

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