Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello my favorite blog friends!! I’m counting down the days till Kyle and I head out on our cruise…only 5 more to go!!! But first let me catch you up on our weekend happenings!

It started out with a scare! My Grandpa was rushed by ambulance to the ER, he had fluid on his heart and it was racing. We all sat in the ER waiting room for 3+hours waiting to hear. They finally were able to stabilize his heart and Kyle & I made the tough decision to go ahead with our weekend plans, heading to Chicago. Thankfully he was able to go home from the hospital on Monday!

Kyle and I with his parents hit the road to Chicago Friday night. Kyle’s sister & her husband live there. Also Kyle’s Aunt & Uncle flew in from CA.

And we all went to the Iowa vs Northwestern football game on Saturday!DSC06568

It was fun to see Kyle’s Aunt & Uncle from CA! They are quite entertaining!!DSC06566

And we all couldn’t wait to cheer on the Hawks!DSC06570

If anyone says Iowa fans don’t travel well, they weren’t at the game on Saturday!DSC09320

I don’t see much purple in that crowd!! It was awesome!!DSC09319

Unfortunately it was a rainy, chilly day…!DSC06579

But we had our ponchos to stay dry!DSC09322DSC06581

Unfortunately the Hawks pull out a win. Such a bummer!

Even with the loss we couldn’t pass up some Chicago style pizza! Giordanos!!!DSC06142

Aunt Debbie got her own personal sized pizza…no one wanted to share a spinach pizza! ;)DSC09324

Kyle and I split a Hawaiian with his sister & her hubby!! Mmmm, delish!!!DSC09325

Mmmmm, love this pizza!!!DSC09326

We let our pizza settle and couldn’t finish the night without some ice cream!DSC06587

I <3 ice cream!!! ;)DSC06586

We all passed out from our food coma and the sadness of the Hawkeye loss. The next morning we went out for breakfast before hitting the road. DSC09328

We said our goodbyes and drove the 5+ hours home.DSC09329

It was a good weekend, minus the Hawkeye loss! Now we’re looking forward to our cruise next week with my sisters and a few other friends!! Cannot wait!! :)

Happy Hump day friends…only 2 more days till the weekend!!


Kelly said...

Looks like you had a great time.
I've never had Chicago style pizza but it sure does look good.

Sorry your team didn't win. :(

I know you have to be so excited about your trip. Can you sneak me on the boat? said...

Glad that your grandpa is doing better! Hospital visits are always so long and scary :(

Looks like you had a great weekend regardless of the loss! Coming from a football school I know how losses can seriously put a damper on a weekend!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend... minus the whole grandpa scare. I am glad that he's okay.

I absolutely love chicago style pizza yum! And that breakfast looks...AMAZING!!!


mayala said...

Sorry about your grandpa! But I am glad he is ok now! I was checking on here so much over the weekend to be sure he was ok. Glad you glad a great weekend:)

Skinny H said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa! Will be praying for him. It looks like you ahd an awesome weekend. I love going to the games. It is so much fun!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa but I'm glad that he's doing better! What a scare!
Looks like a really fun weekend!

Heidi said...

Holy cheesiness, that's quite the pizza. Personally I ♥ spinach pizza - yum!

Hope your Grandpa is doing OK.

Connie B said...

Sounds like a really nice trip!! It's always a bummer when your team doesn't win!! Prayers for your Grandpa!!!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

What a great trip! You look awesome!

Great to hear your grandpa went home!

Mae Flowers said...

Mmmm I miss Giordano's! We had one in my home town. Looks like fun! My sister used to live in Evanston. :)

blackhuff said...

I also get it that people don't want to share a spinach pizza with me either :(

Mrs. M said...

That pizza looks sooo good...

Have fun on your cruise! It will be a blast.

Casey said...

I'm glad your granddad is ok! It looks like you had a great time though. That game was fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

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