Saturday, August 28, 2010

[early] birthday celebration saturday

Happy weekend friends!

It was glorious this morning to wake up with a slight breeze coming through the window and NO alarm!

Breakfast was filling and delicious! I had 2 open face ham, egg, & cheese english muffins for 4 points. DSC08247

I also had 1c of perfectly crisp grapes on the side for 1 point. DSC08249

After breakfast Kyle and I headed out to run a few quick errands…one included an early birthday present to myself! Pedicure!!!

I now have happy feet!!DSC08252

We spent the rest of the morning cleaning, doing laundry, and getting ready for our 6 day work week ahead. I got my clothes picked out for the week! One less thing to do each morning!DSC08250

My late breakfast held me over way into the afternoon. I had an afternoon snack to tide me over. I had 1/2 c cottage cheese and 1 c cantaloupe for 3 points.DSC08251

Kyle and I made a Target run for some household items and picked up a few “special” things for my little birthday [early]celebration tonight! edit: We bought a bottle of wine, but ended up not drinking it.

Time for a birthday dinner out! We have celebrated 11 birthdays together!DSC08255

Don’t mess with these guns! ;)DSC08257

We went to Applebees for supper. I love that they have the WW points right on the menu! I ordered the garlic herb chicken with a side of ranch for 8 points. DSC08259

Kyle gave me my first b-day gift! We like to celebrate birthday weekends or even weeks…not just on the day! ;) He gave me a Columbia Iowa Hawkeye fleece. Obviously I approve!DSC08265

I wanted to keep things sensible…where usually I would splurge on all my favorite foods because it’s my birthday, not anymore though! I purchased these at the grocery store for a little sweet treat!DSC08267

I was a little disappointed when it I opened it though…it’s like was melted at one point, all slide to one side, and then re-froze. It was still good though! Peanut butter cup sundae for only 3 points…I’ll take it! DSC08268

I whipped up a few things to bring to work tomorrow for my birthday. Yes I have to work on a Sunday, on my birthday! Bummer I know!

We are now going to settle in and finish our night off with a little comedy!DSC08270

POINTS = 19/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 0 used/35 remaining
H2O = 80 oz

What is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday? Quiet & intimate or big night out on the town or something else?

I enjoy being Kyle & my family. And maybe doing just a little something special. Don’t get me wrong though, I would never object to a birthday party! ;)


Syl said...

what a great way to spend the day! Love your pedicure - totally want to do that before the cruise ;-).
hope you have better luck with Date night, I tried watching it yesterday and turned it off about a 1/2 hour in.

spunkysuzi said...

Happy birthday!! Have a great birthday week!
And thank you for always give me great food ideas :)

Nicole said...

Your toes look so nice. Happy Birthday! I just stumbled upon your blog. I like it. Your eats look tasty and healthy.

Heidi said...

I'm not one for Smart Ones meals, but darn that looks good! Will have to pick some up next time I'm across the border.

Generally my birthdays are pretty quiet - and I'm usually sick. But 2012 is going to be a major birthday on a major day (12/12/12) so I'm thinking it better rock and I want to do something fun - not sure what yet though.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday! Too bad you have to work, but it looks like you had a great Saturday to make up for it!

TJ said...

Happy BIRTHDAY!!! :) I love that you had a good food day on a Saturday! I also love that you plan out your clothes for the week- I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that. lol :)

Boo! to the smart ones dessert being previous melted! That happens to me sometimes too! :(

Sean's birthday is Tuesday and all weekend we have been doing lil celebrations. (its the 11th birthday for us too!! lol)

Don't work too hard today...maybe you can leave early?? :)

BEE said...

that dessert look good
now i need to go get me some lol

how was date night i wanna see it 2

Mae Flowers said...

Happy Birthday! I like to spend my birthday with my husband or with family.

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