Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another year in the books!

It’s my birthday!!! :) I turned 26 today!

I kept my birthday breakfast…well the same! I had oatmeal with a small sliced banana, and 1T of peanut butter for 5 points. DSC08277

If you missed some recent posts, I had to work today. Yes, I know it’s Sunday, but it was housing move in day and students have to have their accounts taken care of before they can move in. It actually went well, probably the best move in I’ve worked in my 7 years at the college.

I brought some treats to share with my co-workers…none for me though!

Rice crispy log…it’s pretty much famous! I wish I could send a sample to everyone!!DSC08271

And turtle brownies! My friend Jenna’s Mom brought these when they stayed with us last weekend and we loved them! Thanks Betty!! ;)DSC08273

I got to work about 7:30 this morning and opened my door to this…a festive office! :) Banners, streamers, and even a….DSC08278

birthday girl headband! This is Nicole, one of my staff, who is responsible!! Thanks Nicole…loved it!DSC08282

Lunch was a cookout in the courtyard. I just grabbed a few pieces of watermelon for 1 point.DSC08279

The main part of my lunch was Subway. I had a turkey & ham on wheat with pickles for 6 points. DSC08280

Like I said earlier, the day went surprisingly well, in past years it’s been a crazy house! I guess all those long hours paid off! I snacked on a granola bar in the afternoon for 2 points. DSC08281

I finally got to call it a day at the office around 6pm. Woo hoo!

I was welcomed home by a few gifts! My FIL & MIL gave me some great Hawkeye things and Kyle gave me a gift card for some shoes I’ve been wanting to get and some flowers [that won’t die]!DSC08286

We decided to stay in tonight and rest, the next 5 days at work will be B-U-S-Y!

I whipped up a delicious plate of pasta for supper consisting of 2 oz whole wheat pasta, 3 oz chicken, sautéed zucchini, and 1/4 ff mozzarella for 7 points. DSC08284

POINTS = 21/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 0 used/35 remaining
H2O = 80 oz

I’m going to spend the rest of my birthday veggin’ on the couch! I’m one tired birthday girl!


Kyle Gershman said...

I'm honored to be the first follower to wish you the happiest of birthday/weeks, etc!

Tia said...

Happy birthday!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Hope you had a great birthday!!!!!!!!

Mae Flowers said...

Hope you had a good birthday even though you had to work!

spunkysuzi said...

Happy Birthday week :)

Kyle and Darci said...

Thanks for the bday wishes guys are the best!! :)

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