Friday, August 27, 2010


Hello blog friends!! I have to start out by saying that it has been SO great to be back in my routine this week with eating better! Thank you for all your support, you guys are the best!

I was out of oatmeal this morning. :( But I still enjoyed my breakfast, 1 1/2 honey nut cheerios, a small sliced banana, and a 3/4 c skim milk for 7 points. DSC08238

I knew today would be a busy day in the office…only 2 days till classes begin again! My morning snack today was 1 c of delicious, crisp grapes for 1 point. DSC08239

Kyle and I took our lunch break together today…but it was quick! I had Subway on the go! I had a 6 in wheat turkey & ham with pickles & cucumbers for 6 points. DSC08241

I rounded out my sandwich with a $0.59 Kum & Go fountain pop!! I <3 fountain pop!!!DSC08242

Spent the rest of the afternoon at work helping the students that flooded our office! By 7pm Kyle and I headed out! The next 40 hours of “off time” will be greatly welcomed!

We made a stop at the grocery store to stock up for a big week ahead and I think everyone we knew was there, even Kyle’s parents!

I was craving Mexican food for supper while walking around the store so I decided to give in…wisely though! I made chicken tacos with green peppers, a sprinkle of cheese, salsa, and just a smidge of ff sour cream for 6 points. OMG!!! This was perfect!!DSC08246

Kyle made a HUGE salad and thoroughly enjoyed his supper as well!!DSC08245

You may [or may not] have noticed that I haven’t exercised since I started back OP. Don’t worry I plan to…once I stop “living” in my office! ;)

I have to share what inspired me to get back on track [besides my tight pants]! Our friends, Mark & Jenna, came up last weekend for a visit. Remember Jenna? She did a guest post for me back in March. jennamark

Jenna is always consistent and has maintained her weight loss for a long time! And Mark is buff & so fit! We had quite a few chats about fitness, eating, & health over the weekend. Glad we did…I feel great about my last 5 days! Thanks for the inspiration guys!!

POINTS = 20/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 0 used/35 remaining
H2O = 80 oz

Who/what inspires you? I am defiantly inspired by our friends who are so dedicated to health & fitness! Also, all of you inspire me with your hard work & effort you put in to achieve your goals!

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Leah said...

You are doing so awesome! Keep it up.

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