Saturday, July 17, 2010

Family Friday

Hello everyone!! Hope everyone had an enjoyable Friday and is ready for the weekend! I know I always am! ;)

My morning started out quite busy and didn’t get a chance to make my oatmeal so I ended up just having my morning snack, 1 1/2 c strawberries, granola, and ww vanilla yogurt for 3 pointsDSC07916

A little while later I had 1 c delicious crisp grapes for 1 point. DSC07917

I ran home quick for lunch and needed something fast. I made a SmartOnes. If I recall correctly this one was the chicken brushetta flatbread for 6 points. I wasn’t a fan. DSC07918

I snacked on some animal crackers to get me through the afternoon for 2 points. DSC07919

After work we headed up to Kyle’s parent’s house for supper. We celebrated Kyle getting a job and Kyle’s sister & her husband from Chicago were home.

My MIL makes great homemade pizza. I’m proud to say I only had 1 slice! Along side I also had some grapes and strawberries. I am going to count my supper as 9 points. DSC07920

Abby helped me finish my plate! ;)DSC07921

We finished our evening by playing a few games of cards! Abby likes to watch!DSC07926

Then came out my weakness….ICE CREAM!! Unlike my BIL, I’m proud to say I said no! PS He really didn’t eat his ice cream like that! ;) DSC07923

I really didn’t get much in for exercise, unless you count the 10 minutes I snuck in on my MIL’s exercise bike or the 20 lunges I did in the kitchen while we were talking! ;)


POINTS = 21/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 5 used/30 remaining
ACTIVITY POINTS EARNED = 1 today/13 week
H2O =80 oz
EXERCISE = not much to speak of!

What is your weakness? I would say that my MIL’s pizza and ice cream are both in my top 10!


Syl said...

my weakness is potato chips I had to completly get rid of them.

Heidi said...

Yum, looks like excellent homemade pizza. Our new neighbors have built a brick pizza oven on their deck. I've heard it makes fantastic pizza and I'd love to have one.

My worst weakness is red licorice. There is no stop button for me. I only buy them in singles at the corner store now. A whole bag is an empty bag - no matter the size. Red Vines are the worst!

TJ said...

good job on portion control! :) My weakness...yep pizza, bread, chips, peanut & almond butter, mexican food, baby back ribs...this list can get really long.... lol

Anonymous said...
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Mae Flowers said...

I LOOOVE homemade pizza- way to go on only having one piece!

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