Monday, March 8, 2010

Pressing toward the goal!

Sunday night I did NOT sleep well at all. Not sure if it was the 4 hour nap that threw me off or nerves. Tonight was my first class (I'm teaching at the community college were I also work)!

I didn't let me bad night's sleep sway me from my workout though! My alarm went off and I was up and hit the gym. I cut my workout short to do some more preparing on my class. I got in 25 minutes on the cross ramp.

Breakfast was my favorite old faithful oatmeal mixed with 1 sliced banana (a fairly large one), and PB2 for 5 points. DSC06320

Strawberries were on sale at the grocery store so I was quite excited to mix up my morning snack! I had 1 c strawberries, ww vanilla yogurt, and 1/4 c grape nuts for 3 points. It was wonderful! DSC06321

I ate my lunch in courses. I usually take a late lunch break & I knew I had a few errands to run so for my "appetizer" I started out with some veggies & ff ranch for 1 point. I forgot how much I love cucumbers w/ranch...makes me think of freshness & summer! :) DSC06323

My 2nd course was 1 c of grapes for 1 point. DSC06324

And the last part of my lunch was cottage cheese with peaches and a turkey & cheese sandwich for 5 points. DSC06326

Even though I wasn't 100% OP last week...that doesn't mean I was a lazy girl!!Wednesday night I went out with my work friends for Mexican, Thursday night we had supper at a friend's house & then I came home and stayed up till 11pm making treating for my bosses bday the next day. And on Saturday Kyle & I went to Des Moines (a much bigger city an hour south of us with better shopping!) with a friend to do some shopping & just to do something different! It was a successful shopping trip to say the least!

I picked out a new water bottle at Bed Bath & Beyond. My old water bottles were plastic, but had straws. I've been wanting to get a BPA free one, but still with a straw! And I found just the was even pink! :) DSC06322

We also picked up some of these things! Look it’s even orange to match my Diet Sunkist! ;)DSC06331Not sure what the right name for them is, but they work great to put on pop cans so you don't spill! And the main reason we bought them is because our local grocery store had a pop sale last week, 3 12packs for $6!!! Needless to say we stocked up!

I also picked up a fun sundress at Old Navy to wear in Florida! I've been on a gray kick lately w/my clothing choices! What do you think of it?DSC06332

After work today I headed right to class!! But I wasn’t the student…I was the teacher! I’m teaching computerized accounting! I managed to sneak in a banana in between things for 1 point. DSC06327

Class went well. For some reason I don’t feel old enough to teach college students! On the way home I ate 2 points worth of animal crackers. DSC06328

It was after 8:30 when I got home so I wanted to eat something light. I grabbed these I found last week at the grocery store. They are flatbread made by flatout! And still just 1 point!DSC06329

I made a chicken salad sandwich with cheese on the flatbread for 4 points. Mmmm delish! DSC06330 

It was a long, but good day! I’m off to bed! Thanks for your sweet comments on my post earlier today…I missed you guys too! :)

POINTS = 22/23
WATER = 128 oz
EXERCISE = 25 min cross ramp


Anonymous said...

I love the pink water bottle!

I think the dress is adorable, perfect for Florida. :)

She woke up FAT said...

BPA? I'm not going to google that, just one more thing for me to worry about.

Olivea said...

Cute dress! That is so awesome that you also teach a course. My ultimate goal is to teach at a college.

Mrs. M said...

Wow, looks like a good day. Long, but good!

I love the sundress! Makes me wish spring/summer were here...

Cammy said...

LOVE the dress!

I've seen those pop thingies and have been tempted, but so far I've resisted. But now I want to try the Diet Sunkist. :)

Little Miss Fatty Pants said...

that dress is so cute and is perfect for the FL weather you'll be enjoying!

I haven't been in school in a really long time, but I think teachers are getting younger and younger so you shouldn't feel out of place.

Tracey- said...

Hi! I love the pink water bottle... very cute. I've never seen thos thing for the soda. You mentioned it helps prevent spilling... but when you take a drink and put it back down, I'd assume theres still some left in the neck of the bottle. Does that just go back down on top of the soda?? Just curious!?
The sundress is also adorable!!! Very cute. Where in Florida are you going? (I'm in South Florida, near Ft. Lauderdale.)

Cupcake Dreamer said...

Sounds pretty hectic to me.

I've been wondering how those soda tops work. Sounds like you really like them so far?

I love your summer dress, and agree that cucumbers and ranch bring on thoughts of summer.

I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida. (so jealous) :)

Dan said...

Great pictures of the food. You really have made eating right very delicious looking.

Livin it up, Jones Style! said...

I used to have that pink water bottle. I miss it so! lol

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Super cute dress ... and I LOVE the water bottle!! I need to get a new one, mine is SO dented!

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