Sunday, January 17, 2010

Superb Saturday

Happy weekend everyone! I started mine out just right, at the gym! It was a quick one though because my day was FULL! I got in 35 minutes on the cross ramp. My gym doesn’t open till 8am on Saturday & Sunday’s and I SO wish that it opened earlier, like at least 7am! Does your gym open very early on the weekends?DSC05728

It was quite foggy Friday night/early Saturday morning and it froze so it made all the trees look so pretty! Looked like a white winter wonderland!DSC05729

After my workout I stopped at Hy-Vee (our grocery store in this area) to get a few things that were on a SUPER sale this weekend. Check out my loot:DSC05751

  • 6-Hy-Vee Strawberry yogurt $0.40/each. Reg price $0.62
  • 4-Pepsi 2 liters $0.77/each. Reg price $1.68
  • Brown Rice $1.88. Reg price $2.19
  • Flat Out Wraps $2.59. Reg price $3.29
  • 2 - Whole Grain Pasta $0.99/each. Reg price $1.39
  • Pizza Crust $4.49 (not on sale)
  • Sweet Potatoes $0.99/lb. Reg price $1.18/lb
  • Cucumbers $0.59/each. Reg price $0.99
  • Bananas $0.28/lb. Reg price $0.59/lb
  • WW String Cheese $2.29. Reg price $4.29
  • 2 - 2% Shredded Cheese $2.39. Reg price $4.49
  • Shaved Turkey $1.99/lb. Reg price $3.99/lb
  • 1% Low Fat Cottage Cheese $1.36. Reg price $3.05
  • Honeyhut Cheerios $1.50. Reg price $2.50

Total Bill $35.31 – Total Savings $19.28!! That is a 36% savings, not too bad!

After my super savings on groceries I headed home to shower quick and then head to my hometown (about 30 minute south) for a baby shower for my of my high school BFF’s! I grabbed an apple to eat on the way there so I didn’t gorge when I got there at 11am from not eating anything yet.DSC05731

It was so fun to see her and her tummy!! She is due February 12th and they are having a girl!DSC05743

I didn’t get a picture of my plate of food from the shower. But I am proud of how I ate. There were 2 options for the plates and I chose to use the smaller one. I had a piece of fruit pizza, 1/3 c chex mix, 2 tortilla roll ups, a mini cheesecake (I don’t even think it was an inch square), and a very, very small amount of punch. I ended up finding the bottled water later and didn’t drink the punch! I have never really liked to drink my calories!

Points total = HAVE NO IDEA!! But I am happy with my choices, there were SO many  more things I could have ate (2 other desert options, maidrites, chips & dip, etc) and I could have gone for 2nds and I didn’t, so for that I’m proud!

It was a baby filled shower! But the majority of them are still in tummies! Four of my good friends from high school are all expecting and were all there! It was fun to see them and hear about their pregnancies! Kinda of ironic, I got married first and I think I might be the last to have kids! :) Here is a picture of me with 3 of the 4 of my pregnant friends!DSC05739

After I left the shower I headed back home to let my puppy out and grab a few things and then I headed an hour north of my house to a my friend Sara’s house. By this time it was already after 3, so I made a lunch to go of 16 animal crackers & a turkey & cheese wrap. DSC05745

She has a little girl that will be 1 next month and we wanted to get a jump on doing a few things for her party! It was such a fun afternoon/evening together! And we got lots done, invites, a happy birthday banner, and we made a bunch of pom pom’s out of tissue paper. I didn’t take any pictures, but I will get some at the party to show you all! Here is a picture of me and Sara’s little girl from a few weeks ago! I just love her!!DSC055141

Food wise for the evening we pretty much just snacked. I had probably about 1 serving of wheat thins w/spinach dip and then we had some baked tortilla chips w/salsa later on in the night. Not the greatest, but also not horrible either!

I didn’t leave her place until after 10:30! It was such a fun time, I only wish we didn’t live an hour apart. Kyle stayed up and waited for me to get home! We ended up watching a movie when I got home and I fell asleep on the couch! Hope everyone else had a great Saturday as well, we’ll see you later today for my Sunday recap!

Go Vikings!!!


Cammy said...

My gym is open 24 hrs/day, which is pretty much why I go there. Plus, it's about a half mile from my house! :)

Great job at the shower! A teensy bit indulgent but without going completely crazy with it! Well done!

Mae Flowers said...

Is that a coach scarf and hat? Very cute!

Great job on eating at the shower. It's so easy to overeat with all of that delicious food around!

Syl said...

sounds like a great weekend Darci, love your attitude. You had no idea what the value us but were proud of yourself anyway, that's because sometimes life just happens! WTG!

Kelly said...

I've probably already said this before but I'm so glad you're blogging again. :) You're doing great and you'll have that weight right back to where you want it.

I had gained back almost 20 pounds! Actually, I think it was more. Ugh, I don't want to think about it. :-/ We'll get there. :)

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