Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally Friday!

I started by day out early once again and hit the gym! I got in a 32 minute run/walk. I walked about 2 minutes for a warm up, 2 minutes in the middle, and then had a 2 minute cool down. I only totaled 2.65 miles, but I have to keep in mind I really haven’t ran consistently since October! Sounds like such a long time ago. I know it will take a little while to get my strength & endurance back to what it was when I could run 10+ miles!

Headed over to my office and make breakfast…same thing, 3rd day in a row and it still isn’t old! I really think this is my favorite way to eat oatmeal, with PB2 and a small banana totaling 4 pointsDSC05719

Well the busy-ness at work didn’t end today! I was hoping for a nice quiet Friday to get caught up on things, but didn’t quite end up that way! I didn’t grab these crisp little guys (1 cup=1 point) until after 1pm!! So much for a morning snack!DSC05720

That meant I had a late lunch too! Luckily Kyle was out running errands for work and was able to let our poor little pooch out! She was probably crossing her legs like crazy!! Once again for lunch, I heated up a SmartOnes (3 cheese ziti marinara) for 6 points. I am ready to get back into my normal routine where I can go home for lunch and make something!DSC05721

After all that saltyness I was craving something sweet…that is kinda how my mouth works I think! I like to combine sweet and salty things! Instead of walking 2 offices down and raiding the “office chocolate stash” I grabbed this beauty from my fridge for 0 points! It was just what I needed! :) DSC05722

I took off from the office at a good time, only to get home and find out Kyle had to cover someone’s shift that didn’t show up. :( So I caught up on a few blogs and tried to think about what we could have for supper! Scouring through my cupboards & fridge I found these few things and decided to combine them with some baked chicken breasts for Chicken Parmesan!DSC05726

While everything was cooking, Kyle got home from work! We sipped on some hot chocolate (25 cal and 0 points!) while talking about our days and decided to stay the night in!DSC05723

My plate included 2 oz whole wheat pasta, 1/2 c sauce, 1/4 c shredded mozzarella, and 3 oz chicken, totaling 8 points. I didn’t end up eating this enormous serving so I am counting it for 6 points. I also had a side of green beans for 0 points. DSC05724DSC05725

It’s now after 10:30 and I’m exhausted! 6 day/75+ hour work week will do that to you! Just glad that it’s done! :) Hope everyone had a great Friday!

Any big plans on the agenda for your weekend? I am get to see 3 different close friends (at 3 different times!) I haven’t seen a while, can’t wait!

POINTS = 17/24
WATER = 116 oz
EXERCISE = 32 min run/walk


Syl said...

sounds like a fun day visiting friends!

I am going to have 10 loud screaming kids at my house today for my son's birthday party :-) Should be ok they because all the parents are staying and we are actually friends :-)

oh and your food looks good as usual!

Mae Flowers said...

That's my favorite way to eat my oatmeal too, so good! I find that grabbing a diet soda when I have a sweets craving at work really works for me too. Good job on that! :) Sounds like you had a good run, you'll be back to where you were in no time! Don't look back- only forward!

Cammy said...

I do that sweet and salty thing too. :)

You're starting off really well with your running. At least you're not having to begin at the beginning. From what I understand, it doesn't take nearly as long to rebuild as it does the first time.

Have a great weekend!

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