Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Challenge is STILL On!

Today I HAD to get up to go to the gym. I met a friend at a tire place to drop off her vehicle. Then we were going to workout together, so I had no choice! The alarm went off at 5:20 and hopped right out of bed excited to hit the gym. I picked her up and then got in a 45 minute sweat session on the cross ramp! Boy could I tell I hadn’t worked out in a while, my legs were weak!

I made breakfast at work. Similar to yesterday, except today I used regular PB2 and found out I think I like the chocolate PB2 better in my oatmeal! So breakfast was a total of 4 points, super delish!DSC05705

Work is still pretty busy, but definitely getting better! Late morning I had a snack of 1 cup of grapes for 1 point. DSC05706

Lunch was a quick one today. I warmed up a “Smart One’s” for an  fast and easy 5 points meal. DSC05707

While I was eating I checked out a few of my fav blogs! And I also updated my stats on my side bar to the left. Unfortunately I am heavier than when I started the “Sister Challenge” back in December. But one good thing for me (not for my sisters tho) is that none of my sisters have met their 8% either…so technically the challenge is still on! I WANT to win…and obviously not for the cash, but to feel better! Ultimately though I really would like to be 150….24.5 pounds…I can do this!!!

Around 5pm I grabbed this to give me a little extra energy that I needed to finish up my day at work! It was just ok. When I stopped at the store this morning I was hoping to find a Cherry Coke Zero, but they didn’t have any. :( Then I thought I would get a Diet Cherry Pepsi and they didn’t even carry that, so I had to settle for this! But it was the caffeine/0 point snack I needed to get a few extra hours of work in!DSC05708

I worked till about 6ish and then decided I needed to call it a day. Kyle was off work today so I figured maybe we could get some cuddle couch time in!! ;) And can I say that I have a wonderful man, he had the house spotless when I got home, thanks baby!!

I knew I wanted to get some veggies in for supper since the serving amount of broccoli in my lunch was pretty pitiful! So I had a generous serving of steamed cauliflower, an orange, and a chicken salad sandwich w/cheese (on a whole wheat sandwich thin) for a total of 5 points. DSC05709DSC05710DSC05711

I was adding my daily points and it only came to 15 after my supper tonight so I knew I needed to get something else in for the day.  Searching through the fridge and freezer I remembered all the wonderful smoothies I had all summer long and decided to make one…even though it isn’t summer! I used 1+ cup of frozen mixed berries, strawberry yogurt, and 1/2 c skim milk (not pictured). DSC05713DSC05717

And voila, here is my perfectly purple smoothie for 3 points!DSC05718

So now I’m sipping on my smoothie with the hubs watching CSI thinking about hitting the hay fairly soon so I’m ready for another great day!

Tomorrow’s TGIF!!!

G’nite all!

POINTS = 18/24
WATER = 116 oz
EXERCISE = 45 minute cross ramp


prettyface said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I'll definitely try to keep that in my mind when the alarm goes off :-) Thanks! Glad to see you back blogging? Were you taking a break or am I imagining things? Just haven't read much from you lately.

Connie B said...

ohhhhhhhhhh that smoothie looks so good! I went to make one the other day and blender was broken *ugh*...and two...I was missing ONE ingredient I needed, so I'll have to wait a couple days to make mine!!

Mae Flowers said...

That smoothie looks delicious! I'm sure you can win that challenge! :)

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