Monday, June 8, 2009

Laid Back Sunday

Our last day of the weekend was pretty low key. We slept in, I caught up on blogs, and then headed out to get some groceries. Kyle’s parents called and wanted to go out for lunch so, of course, we said sure. Of all places though, they wanted to go to Pizza Hut! It was alright though, who doesn’t love pizza?!?!? I had 2 slices of canadian bacon and pineapple and 1 breadstick.

We picked up a few groceries and then headed Wal-Mart to get a few other things Kyle wanted. He is going to try a few things recommended by a friend that will hopefully help some of the pain he’s having when we’re running. He is going to start taking  Fish Oil and Glucosamine Chondroitin.

When we got home I cut up all our produce so it’s ready for the week and cleaned up afterwards. I grabbed a few snacks before heading outside, string cheese and a fiber one bar for 3 points.

DSC02903 DSC02904

I mowed the lawn while Kyle was tinkering in the garage trying to get the weed eater to work. Luckily we have a nice neighbor that let us borrow his! We finished up with yard work just in time before it started to POUR!!

While watching the NBA finals I had an odd supper! We picked up some baked cheetos at the store last week that were begging to get eaten! I had 1 oz of those, 1 c watermelon, and 1 c grapes for 5 points.

DSC02905 DSC02906DSC02907

Like I said, it was a pretty laid back day! Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Melissa said...

I love laid back days!! Way to go on almost making it to your goal!!!

Heather's Journey said...

I love mowing the lawn. It is a great workout, atleast in my hilly yard!
What kind of shoes does Kyle have to run in. He may just need some new runners. Fish oil is great though!!!

Kelly said...

Love liad back days when I can get them. :)

My sweet daughter loves cheetos so much that even the "healthy" ones are a binge trigger for her. We laugh about it but I only get them occasionally.

((HUGS)) Have a great week. And I hope the supplements help out with Kyle's runs. I got a leg roller to help massage my legs after runs and it really helps.

Syl said...

sometimes a girl just needs some chips!
Laid back days are sometimes just what someone needs, glad you enjoyed yourself!

Lindsay said...

Laid back days are great! So are cheetos!!

Mae Flowers said...

Those cheetos are making my stomach growl! yummy!

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