Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Kind Of Monday

Well it didn’t start out like I wanted…3am throwing up for a few hours! Ugh!! So I called in sick to work and went back to work. I woke up around 9am and felt pretty good. So I took my time getting ready just to make sure I was better. I am guessing it was some food that didn’t agree with me…ie Pizza Hut?!?!

I made a yummy bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with chocolate PB2 and a small banana for 4 points. Super filling and set pretty well in my stomach. DSC02908

Monday was the first day of summer hours at work. So instead of working till 5, we only have to work till 4! It’s only an hour, but boy does it make a difference! I got to work by 11 and got busy! And was still feeling good…thank goodness!! I don’t want to be sick!!

A little afternoon I had some petite baby carrots for a crunchy 0 point snack!DSC02909 

Around 2ish in the afternoon all of the sudden the power went out. Sometimes it flickers at work, so I gave it second, but still nothing came on. So I just went around and chatted with my co-workers. Oh and I texted my neighbor, he’s a lineman at the eclectic company in town to see if he had any news on what happened. Well come to find out it was going to take over an hour to fix it and so we shut down the office. So that means I only worked 11-2:30!!! Very nice!! :) I talked to my neighbor when I got home and the whole power outage was all thanks to a squirrel in the transformer!

I tanned when I got off work (need to have a little glow for SIL’s wedding in less than 2 weeks!!) and then headed home for some much needed nutrition!! It was after three and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet! Too late even though I had a late breakfast! I had the last piece of left over creamy chicken bake for 6 points. Mmmm, still good the 2nd time around!!DSC02910

Kyle got home a little after 5 and we laced up our shoes to head out for a run. We ended up going a little over 4 miles and it took 40 minutes. Felt great…but I could tell I hadn’t worked out in 2 days! I don’t like having that long of breaks between workouts. One day is good for me!

Right away I wanted some more “fuel”! So I grabbed some seedless watermelon (1 point) that wasn’t so seedless…a little bummed about that, but it was still good!DSC02911

I think Abby has been feeling left out because when we get home from runs now she is just waiting for us in the bay window! But I just know her little legs couldn’t make a 4+ mile run. She did good when we ran 2-3, but I think that is her max. So I decided to take her for a walk! We just strolled right along, it was a beautiful night, and chatted with a few neighbors and friends that we met along the way.

When we got back Kyle was having a chicken salad sandwich and boy did I want one. I really don’t think I was that hungry, but ended up eating 2!!! One had cheese, so the two sandwiches were 7 points total. Sorry no pictures, evidentially I thought this was the last food on earth and just devoured it!!


POINTS = 18/22
WATER = 72 oz
EXERCISE = 40 minute run


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well! Glad you had a quick recovery :)

The creamy chicken bake looks great!

Syl said...

Glad you are feeling better:-)
I always feel guilty for not taking my furry friends either but some how I don't think they would keep up! Glad you got to take him out for a walk, I bet he was thrilled!

Kelly said...

Oh no, so sorry that you weren't feeling well. :( Better now?

Stupid squirrel. Wonder what he did to get the electric chair.

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