Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 174 (Monday 4/27)

Happy Monday everyone!

I had great intentions of hitting the gym this morning because I didn’t really feel like running in the rain again! :p But for some reason when my alarm went off I didn’t hear it! But 45 minutes later luckily my lil pup woke me up otherwise I would’ve missed work!

Still trying to eat up all that fruit in my fridge! So once again it wad an oatmeal free morning. I’m really starting to miss it! I had a bowl of melon and blueberry yogurt for 2 points. DSC02354

My co-worker had her baby Friday night so that means we are down one person at the office and that REALLY stinks. It is going to be a hard couple months while she is gone. Sigh…I’m ready for lazy days of summer! Since we were busy at work I didn’t get my morning snack until about 11:45am! I had my fav. combo of strawberries, grape nuts, and yogurt for 3 points. DSC02355

Since I had a late morning snack a took a later lunch. Always makes the afternoons go faster when you get back to the office and there are only 3 hours of work left! Lunch today was a ham, turkey, & cheese wrap, 1/2c cottage cheese, and more cantaloupe for 6 points. Hope you guys like orange…I’ve got some more cantaloupe to finish up! :)DSC02356

I got attacked by the munchie monster when I got home from work! I had 6 wasa crackers w/salsa (I don’t have any chips and they actually worked as a great substitute!), fiber one bar, and string cheese 6 points. DSC02357 






DSC02360DSC02359After all that snacking I felt a little guilty…for one it wasn’t a very “balanced” meal and two, I hadn’t worked out yet, so I hit the pavement! DH had to go into work. So I went for a run on the route he would take home, saw some “new” scenery, and pushed myself (BIG time!). We “ran” into each and he brought me within 4 blocks of our place…just enough for a quick little cool down. in total I ran for 22 minutes and had another couple minutes of cool down. When I got back to the house I did 10 minutes of lunges and abs. I love feeling that burn!! :) I know it wasn’t that long of a workout…but it’s better than nothing, right?!?

It’s time for a little time with the hubs! One of my favorite ways to “spend” time! :)

Hope everyone had a marvelous Monday and is looking forward to an even better Tuesday!


POINTS = 17/23

WATER = 96 oz

EXERCISE = 22 min run, 10 minutes abs & lunges


Oh and make sure to check out Kelly's's SWEET! :)


Sharon said...

Mmmmm, love the delicious eats! Melon love!

Melissa said...

Orange just happens to be one of my favorite colors. Plus I'm jealous of that cantaloupe. I can't wait for a really tasty one!!!

Kelly said...

Cute how you got your wraps to stand up! haha I'm easily amused.

Look at you getting your run in. I still think you need that clock that you have to chase to shut it off. LOL

Enjoy your time with the hubs. I'm going to spend time with mine before bed.

My 3 Month Challenge said...

Wow the crackers with salsa sound like a great idea! I'm gonna have to steal that next time the munchies kick in!

Great job on getting in the workout after work + snacks!!

Anonymous said...

Man, your meals look great! I think I need to change my menu around a bit!

heathermarie said...

how do u make your wraps look so yummy!! mine always look so pathetic haha Major props on all the running. i need to be!

Sarah said...

Mmm your cantelope looks yummy! I just had some for a morning snack and it was just perfect :)

And yes water in basements is not fun at all. Nor is the $$ spent to replace things. Blah!

Anonymous said...

I love time with the hubby! It's one of my favorite times of the day too! :) Love the wraps, they look good. I'm out of food, so I'm kind of just scrounging right now, lol, I need to get to the grocery store tonight!

PS- I left you an award on my blog :)

princessvalecia said...

gosh you make cantaloupe look good I never was a fan of it but I've been coming around lately and now you have me really wanting to try wasa bread crackers Ive heard great things about them

Anonymous said...

Good thing our animals know our schedules better than we do! :)

Hope work isn't too busy for you!

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