Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 173 (Sunday 4/26)

Happy Sunday everyone. It’s rainy and cold here today. I miss those 70 & 80 degree days we were teased with last week!

DH and I started out the morning with church and a little grocery shopping. And we came home and crashed! I think the game and late night last night wore us out! Wait…before we crashed we had some cold cereal. I purchased some Almond Breeze a few weeks ago and FINALLY tried it. It was ok, pretty much tasted like milk. I had 1 c of that with 1 c crispix for 3 points. I was thinking the Almond Breeze was going to be sweeter…not sure where I got that idea! DSC02337



A little while later I had a few slices of my left over pizza for 4 points. It’s just not the same micro-waved instead of baked…soft or crispy…I like crispy! :) I might turn the oven on to re-heat the last 2 slices! Oh and I had a fiber one bar for 2 pointsDSC02338 








DSC02347We picked up some chocolate milk at the grocery store today. I LOVE chocolate milk. It was something we didn’t have at my house growing up…defiantly a “treat”! So I mixed a little with some skim milk for 2 points! But DH had other ideas! If you remember we picked up some protein powder yesterday at Sam’s and he’s been excited about that. I haven’t been too good about using the stuff I bought a while ago. So he got out my Designer Whey and said I should add it to my chocolate milk…so that is just what I did for another 2 points!











So this is what was out our bay window all day! Rain drops!DSC02341 But it wasn’t a cold rain…it was actually pretty warm.

I said all that to say this….DH casually asked me “Wanna go for a run babe?” and of course I said “YES”! I don’t think he expected me to say that! I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. I was in the kitchen cutting up strawberries and cleaning grapes and before I knew it he was back in the kitchen all dressed in his running gear! So I quickly changed and we hit the pavement…in the rain for 25 minutes! It was pretty tough, but we did it! :D I did 10 minutes of lunges and abs when we got back. Boy were they burning when I got done! They were pretty sore from yesterday I think, I hadn’t done abs in a long time!DSC02345










Once again DH said we need some more protein to help us “recover” from our workout! This time I threw it in the blender with some ice and water and made it a little “slushy” for 2 points. I think this is my favorite way to have a protein shake.

I am proud to say that I have outfits picked out for all five work days this week! That is usually my hardest part in the morning! :)

So I had to try the Oikos I picked up yesterday while we were in Des Moines. I have never had “greek yogurt” before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I tried the vanilla flavor since that is what I usually use in my strawberries and grape nut combo for 4 points. It is more creamy than regular yogurt and not near as sweet, but it adds more protein and calcium! It was a great addition to the strawberries and yogurt. They have a lot of recipes on their website so I am excited to try it other ways too! Here is what I found on their website:

You can use Greek yogurt to make creamy dips, spreads, elegant non-fat desserts, main dishes and more. As a cooking ingredient, it makes a healthy substitute for cream, cream cheese, sour cream or ricotta cheese. And it’s less likely than regular yogurt to curdle when heated.

Greek yogurt can add more protein and calcium to your dishes than the same amount of sour cream, cream cheese, butter or cream. If you don't heat it, Greek yogurt will also add healthy cultures to your dish.

Try adding it to vegetables, grains or entrees. Spread it on a bagel, or put it on your baked potato. You can even use it as an egg extender, to use one less egg in your recipes.




















The other part of my supper included another new try, Wasa crispbread! I had 2 crackers with a laughing cow cheese wedge and 1 c of grapes for 3 points. They had the “crispy-ness” of a cracker, were light and airy, and perfect combo with the laughing cow cheese. DSC02353

















DH are ending our weekend with Adam Sandler & “Bedtime Stories”. So far it’s pretty cute! Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a SUPER week!! Remember to make the most of each day and hugs the ones you love!


POINTS =22/23

EXERCISE =25 min run & 10 min abs, lunges

WATER = 72 oz


Sharon said...

Great job on the run!
And lovely eats! And yes yes yes to Bedtime Stories, such a cute movie! Loved it!

TriciaNae said...

I just found your blog...and I'm totally going to spend the next few days reading the archives!! Your success is so inspiring!!

Wendi said...

your cute sis! can't believe u guys ran in the rain..don't let me find out u get sick this week :p miss ya!

Kelly said...

You guys are hard core runners! Wow, in the rain even.

Love the Greek yogut. You're right it's not as sweet. Try the honey too. Oh and the blueberry. Yum. :)

Becca said...

That's awesome that you went for a run in the rain! I love it! Your meals look great and your weekend sounds lovely! And I love the very last sentence that you wrote-- so true!! :) Have a great week!!

Becca said...

hey darci! thanks for stopping by my blog.. and you are right! it is 1 pt, I just put 2 down for some reason! ah, to think I would have used that point, lol!! by the way, that combo is fabulous, I had never even had grape nuts before!!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Awesome job on the run! You look great Darci!
For the pizza, when I'm reheating it I put it on a pan on the stove and heat it that way! It really works and keeps the crust crispy!

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Running in the rain? You go lady!

Next time you get the Almond Breeze Milk, check out the Unsweetened Vanilla (you can get up to 1.5 Cups for 1 point), it is GREAT on cereal.

Cammy said...

Such dedication to run in the rain!

For reheats on crispy foods, I use a baking stone. Yummy!

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