Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 172 (Saturday 4/25)

Happy Saturday everyone! Unfortunately it isn’t as bright and sunny here as it has been the past few days. It is actually pretty cold, windy, and rainy. Perfect day to stay in and get stuff done in the house!

I was hoping to sleep in a bit today because DH didn’t schedule himself until 10am, but Abby (my lil pup) had other ideas. She was hopping around and pawing on the bed at 6:40am. Oh well! I guess I have more time to get stuff done! I got up and let her out and I think that made her one happy little puppy. Lucky for her though she can crawl right back into bed and fall back asleep, for some reason I just can’t do that!

I cleaned a little around the house and got some laundry going. DH headed off for work and I bundled up and headed outside for a run. Boy oh boy was that hard today. Running against the cold wind, the cramp that would not leave me right side alone…but I pressed on. I did stop for a few more walk breaks than normal. I ended up going for about 30 minutes total. When I got home I ended my workout with 10 minutes of abs and lunges.

I noticed this morning that I never did a re-cap of my March goals and didn’t post my April goals. Now I know you are thinking that there is only 1 week of April left…but hey I still need to work towards something right?!?!

March Goals

1. No cool whip for LentACCOMPLISHED - I didn’t have ANY cool whip during the month of March!

2. Eat smart/sensible (don’t go overboard) while on vacation 3/18-3/25ACCOMPLISHED - I am happy with how I ate…lost 3.2lbs while I was gone!

3. Workout 6 days/weekACCOMPLISHED - I worked out 27/31 days of March which averages out to 6 days/week!

4. 158 lbs by 3/31/09Didn’t hit this goal, in fact today is April 25th and I still haven’t hit it. Hoping to very soon tho!

April Goals

1. Continue no Cool Whip during Lent

2. Try 2 new WW friendly recipes

3. Workout 5 days/week

4. 158 lbs by 4/30/09

Yep you read that right I have not lost any weight this month…in fact I don’t think the scale has went down since I went to Florida in March. I am ok with that though. I have been maintaining. I would really like to maintain closer to 155 though. This morning the scale said 161.5. I would really like to be 160 (or less!) at ww on Tuesday, but we’ll see what happens. I am trying not to worry about the number so much but more how I feel. And right now I feel pretty dang good! :)

Sorry for that little detour off my day! :)

After my run I cleaned up a bit and ran some errands. I gave myself a time constraint to make it home by noon, but I think I gave myself too little time and too many things to do. And it is also IMPOSSIBLE to go to Target in my town without seeing someone I know! So I ran to the bank, post office, tanned, picked up a few things at Target (chatted with some friends! ;) ), and filled my vehicle up with gas…I was hoping to do all this in 45 minutes…but it was more like 1 hour and ten minutes! It’s ok tho!

I rushed home and turned on the oven right away. Today is DH’s boss’ birthday and DH wanted me to bake some cookies to take in to them at work today. Now at first I thought “no problem”, but then I was like “oh crap”…"i love cookie dough!” But I am proud to say that I was STRONG and didn’t eat ANY cookie dough at all!! Well…back up a minute, actually when I was done I got a bit on my finger from the bowl so I went ahead and licked it like the “old Darci” would have done and before I could swallow I was “What am I doing?" and I spit it out!!! :) So pretty much I didn’t eat any cookie dough…unless there was some that absorbed in my mouth for those few seconds it took me to realize it wasn’t worth eating it! Here is a picture of my cookies…how mean am I?!?!?DSC02322

While the cookies were baking I made banana pancakes again! This time though I took Cammy’s idea and had some chocolate PB2 on them!! Wow…I think these are going to be my new weekend treat!! My brunch was a total of 7 points. DSC02320
After I delivered the cookies to DH’s boss’ house I RUSHED home, showered, and we left for a Des Moines (about 1.5 hrs away) for a Iowa Barnstormer game. It is arena football. It’s indoor and the field is only 50 yards long. DH’s cousin plays for them. We got season tickets this year!

But before the game we did a little shopping. First off we stopped off at Hy-Vee (grocery store) to use the free coupons the great folks over at Stoneyfield Farms sent me. The Hy-Vee in my town didn’t carry the Oikos. :( Can’t wait to try them!


Then we hit up Sam’s Club. Forgot to take a picture, but we stocked up on Fiber One bars, Honey Nut Cheerios, strawberries, protein powder, string cheese, and razor blades. Odd combo huh?!?!?

Then we stopped at Cheddars for supper. We LOVE this restaurant. It’s pretty casual, but oh so good! :) We started out with the 1/2 size of onion rings (i had 3), then I got the chicken tender wrapper with corn. They actually brought it to me with fries…I was tempted to just eat them ‘cause I don’t like to complain about food, but I figured this time it would be ok! I am estimating my total points around 15. Do you think that sounds right? Oh I only had two out of the 4 wraps. DSC02324DSC02325DSC02326

The game was fun, but we didn’t play very well at all. And ending up losing by 2 when the other team scored a field goal at the last second. :( DH & I both had a fiber one bar on the car ride home for 2 points. DSC02332

Hope everyone enjoyed the first half of the weekend! I’m off to take my Sunday afternoon nap!


POINTS = 24/23

WATER = 84 oz

EXERCISE = 30 min run, 10 min abs & lunges


Kelly said...

Darci, I totally cracked up over you spitting out that cookie dough. That is the most amazing display of self control I've ever heard of. Ever! Kind of like Clinton's "I didn't inhale" with weed. LOL but seriously, I'm proud of you because a lesser woman (me) would have swallowed. Um, yeah. Anyway, looks like you had a fun and busy(!) Saturday.

Hey, maybe you need another vacation to lose more weight! haha

Sharon said...

WHOA cookie coookie coooooookie love
And great job with your goals. Stellar!!!

Sarah said...

Okay I have to know....Where can I find the Banana pancake recipe? They look sooo good! Plus I know my kids would devour something like that.

thresholdofgreatness said...

Great job pushing through on your run!

Your cookies look so good! That's so funny that you spit the cookie dough out. :-)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Emmett said...

Great goals!

Becca said...

Hey Darci! It sounds like you had a great day yesterday! Love that picture of you and your Hubby, you both look great!! (and you look tan!)

PS- can you give me the recipe for the banana pancakes pretty please? :)

Becca said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I can't wait to try those pancakes.. yum! And yes, I totally used my weekly allowance points but all in all, I think I did pretty well. Good luck hitting your goals for the rest of April and then in May!! :)

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

My pup always has different ideas when we want to sleep in too! I don't think he has ever slept past 7 a.m.!
Love the photo of you and your hubby! You two look great! Congrats on your goals too! Amazing!

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