Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 171 (Friday 4/24)

TGIF!! For some reason the work day today just totally drug on! But I’m glad the work week is over and there are two days ahead of no work! :) Can you tell I love weekends!?!?!

I am still trying to eat up all the fresh fruit in my fridge. I grabbed this bowl of mixed melon…took a bite and it left this gross after taste that made my tongue tingle…needless to say I didn’t eat anymore. DSC02310

So I instead I grabbed a bowl of grapes for 1 point. Much better…no bad after taste! Makes me sad to throw food away!DSC02311

I held out on my morning snack till about noon because I knew I was going garage sale-ing with one of my prego friend/co-workers and I didn’t bring lunch. So I mixed up strawberries, grape nuts, and vanilla yogurt for 3 points. DSC02312

We had no luck garage sale-ing. Hoping for better luck as the summer goes on. I had never been to a garage sale until last summer and I went with another prego friend (who has now had her baby!) and now I’m hooked. It is awesome what great things you can find for little money! On the way back to the office we stopped for some gasoline and I grabbed a bag of baked lays for 4 points. I am glad I did because I think I would have been way hungry by the time I got home after 4:30!DSC02313

The work day totally drug on today…wait did I already say that?!?!? Sorry! I like days that fly where I’m not bored and thinking about food. But today that was not the case. Around 3pm I grabbed a rice krispie treat for 3 points that had been in my “food drawer” for a while!DSC02314

4:30 finally came around and I busted outta there!! I think Fridays at 4:30 is about my favorite time of the week! DH and I didn’t make any plans so we just chilled for a while when I got home. We actually browsed around on the net for a while looking at vacations destinations for a trip this summer. We still haven’t decided. Anyone have any great ideas?? We are thinking either a cruise or an all-inclusive. Neither of us have done either one of those. While surfing the net I snacked on some strawberries with fruit dip for 3 points. (no pic sorry!)

We decided to stay in tonight. DH wanted to watch the NBA game and I was totally ok with a night in! I figured I could make supper (for the first time in a LONG time!). I picked up these pizza crusts a few weeks ago at the grocery store. For the just the entire pizza crust alone its only 5 points…I didn’t think that was too bad! DSC02317

Pizza = 1/2 c pizza sauce, 1/2 c pineapple, 1/2 c diced ham, 1/2 c shredded mozzarella cheese, and the crust…13 points. DSC02316 DSC02318

And here is my plate. I had 1/3 of the pizza for about 4 points and then a side of steamed broccoli & cauliflower with cheese for 1 point. DSC02319

Oh and DH was a good boy and had a nice big salad with diced ham and hard boiled eggs and two oranges for supper! He is doing so well. I told him the other day I wish I would have taken a good “before” picture of him. A few friends have been able to tell that he has lost weight…I know I sure can!

After our supper settled DH and I headed out for a run. We stopped over at our neighbor's house first and took his dog with us. He has an 11 month old fun! We ran for abou 25-30 minutes. I think we should have waited a bit longer for our food to settle! When we got back to stopped over at the neighbors to drop off his dog and have a few drinks (4 points). Now we are back home and I'm ready to hit the hay!


POINTS = 23/23

WATER = 106 oz

EXERCISE = 25-30 min run


Heather's Journey said...

Love me some homemade pizza!

Sharon said...

MMMmm, home made pizza wins all!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful Friday!! I love quitting time on Friday too!!

And while I don't have anything specific vacation ideas I do think you should do something you've never done before. It just sounds fun!

Becca said...

sounds like you had a really good day! well, except for the boringness that is a Friday workday, lol. that pizza look soooooooooo good!

Lori said...

That food looks delicious!

princessvalecia said...

Love your blog and the fact that u have all those great goals on the side I just joined WW I need to make some goals to stay motivated as well

Kelly said...

Aw, what a great day. I love that you guys borrowed your neighbor's dog for a run.:)

OK, that pizza looks so good. Where did you get that crust? What section was it located in? I need it!

Sorry about throwing out the fruit. I've done that too with a precut up mix of melon. It had gone bad or something and was sour. Bleck!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Oh, and I've never been to Roadhouse on my birthday. Sounds totally humiliating though! LOL I did got to Joe's Crab Shack once and had to do the chicken dance in front of everyone. That was pretty bad. Required strong alcohol afterwards. ;-)

Becca said...

yes, I totaly copied your meal! :) we're having a family movie night (we're watching Bolt) which is about the dog.. so I wanted to come up with dog themed food, lol. and your meal was the perfect variation to what I'm making for hubs and my boys!! lol

Cammy said...

I had a dragged out Friday, too! Why don't Sat. and Sun. last as long?

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Your food always looks so yummy! I hope you had a great weekend!

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