Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 170 (Thursday 4/23)

Thursday, glorious, Thursday where did you go?? lol….

I took a “spur of the moment” vacation day and stayed home with DH (he had the day off too!). It was AWESOME!!!!

I didn’t get to sleep in, but I did stay in bed with DH for a while…it was GREAT! We got up and made breakfast and ate it in bed!! Just ‘cause we could! Oh and caught up on some “taped” (yes we don’t have DVR yet) shows. I had banana pancakes, strawberries, and sf syrup for 6 points. Mmmm!! It was delicious!! If you see that little sausage hiding behind my syrup I didn’t eat it…figured the points and it was 2 for one link…not about to waste 2 points on that silly little thing! ;)DSC02308

Mid-day DH had to do some work stuff so I ran a few errands and picked up a movie. We watched Transporter 3 while munching on some popcorn (2 points)…sorry no picture!

After our lazy morning/early afternoon we headed down to my Mom’s house for a while to pick up a vehicle she was selling to DH’s parents. I tried to convince DH to stop at one of my favorite places to get ice cream while we were down there…but he wouldn’t budge…thanks hunnie!! :)

I was hoping to go for a run when we got home from my Mom’s, but didn’t have time. :(

So when we got back to our place and had quick change and then head up to DH’s parents’ house to drop off the vehicle and then we went to a friend’s church for Dave Ramsey’s “Town Hall for Hope”. It was great…I just love that guy!! We are doing his “Total Money  Makeover” right now…if you haven’t read the book or checked out the website I would highly encourage you to do so…can’t wait to be DEBT FREE!!!

Oh and I snapped this picture quick before we left our house….it said it was 90 degrees out!! I don’t think it actually got that hot, more like 80,but hey it was a gorgeous day!!DSC02309

We didn’t get a chance to eat supper before so we stopped at a gas station (about the only option) on the way home and I had SunChips and some ice cream for 11 points. What a horrible supper!


POINTS = 19/23

WATER = 48 oz


Now it’s Friday and it’s supposed to be over 80 degrees again today. I’m back at work..but only for 1 day and then it’s the weekend!!! Hooray!! Hope everyone has a great Friday…only 6 more hours of work and then the weekend starts!!! :D


Sharon said...

They never restock sunchips in the grocery store. :(

princessvalecia said...

looks delicious good job I live in wisconsin sunchips are a flippin necessity here

spunkysuzi said...

Nice brekkie :)

Anonymous said...

yum, those pancakes look delish! we are doing dave ramsey's plan right now as well, we love it!!

Anonymous said...

me again! I meant to say that it is too funny that you used the same picture of kristin cavalari for your haircut. it is such an easy to style to maintain, don't you think? again, I just love your blog, it is so inspiring! :) I also looked at your other blog and your puppy is sooooo cute!! I am cracking up at her and the tampons, lol!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Sounds like the perfect day!!!!!!!!!

Leah @ Simply Fabulous said...

Sounds like a GREAT day! I'd like to hear more about this money thing... I want to be debt free!

Sarah said...

I just found your blog through my friend Becca's and wanted to say I LOVE it! Very inspirational! I also looked at your other blog and the funny thing is I am also from Iowa and we are the same age. Way to go on your journey thus far!

Kelly said...

What a great day. Breakfast in bed. Haven't done that in so long. Mostly because I don't like sleeping in crumbs. ;-)

Your comment on my blog cracked me up. LOL Funny girl.

Hang in there. Weekend is almost here! Fun plans or just hanging out?
Chuck has a shooting competition tomorrow so I'm going to watch him and try to sneak some study time in there somehow.

Sunny Days said...

Sounds like a wonderful day....breakfast in bed with your sweet. Thanks for the great comment you left me. You are doing so good, keep it up!

Mae Flowers said...

That sounds like such a fun and relaxing day! Those pancakes look delicious! Do you have a recipe?

Cammy said...

Mmmmm on the pancakes! I could add some PB2 and I'd be in heaven. Must not look anymore.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Laura said...

What a gorgeous breakfast! It sounds like you had the perfect mini vacation. :-)

I really like Dave Ramsey too. His teachings make so much sense!

I hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Melissa said...

What a perfect lazy morning!! Have a good weekend!!

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