Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 106 & 107 (Tuesday 2/17 & Wednesday 2/18)

Hello everyone! I am sorry that I've been MIA the past few days. DH left on Tuesday for a work trip and I feel like since he left I've made so many plans and had so many things to do I've let blogging, exercising, and eating well go by the more excuses, today is a new day and I will press on!

Anyway here is a recap of my past few days. Enjoy!

Tuesday I woke up too late to make it to the gym, but I did get some time in with Jillian before work so that has been my first and only work out this week. AAAHHH!!! Man does she kick my butt each time!! I made a quick breakfast when I got to work:

Oatmeal & an Apple. 3 points

I had my favorite yummy morning snack:

Yogurt, Strawberries, & Grape Nuts. 3 points
I left work early on Tuesday so I just had a quick wrap for lunch at my desk for 3 points (ham, turkey, & cheese)

Since DH was left on Tuesday I wanted to see him for more than a quick, "hi" & "bye" when I got home from WW so I took off of work a couple hours early so we could have some time together! And I would say it was well worth it!

So when he hit the road I went to WW. I knew the scale was going to be up due to what I ate over v-day weekend and my lack of exercise. But I was ready to face the facts and move on. I was anticipating possibly a 2-3lb gain. I was happily surprised when it was only .8lbs! I am sure my leader thought I was nuts for being happy about a gain, but man that is some much better than the 2-3 I was expecting!

I headed home after the meeting feeling sad and disappointed in myself. Sad that DH was going to be gone for 3 days and disappointed about what I left myself do. So what do I do when I'm emotional? EAT! AAAHHHH!!! I grabbed the box of wheat thins and ate what was left, which was probably 2-3 servings so that is 6-9 points! And of course those crackers didn't help my mood one bit so I had to look to something else to fill in the cream! Yep you read the right, ice cream. Straight out of the carton! And to top it all off I had a cold, leftover slice of Caseys pizza. Man now that I'm writing this it sounds awful disgusting! And that is just how I felt after eating all that stuff! I have no clue how many points the ice cream and pizza were.

After sabotaging myself I hit the hay right at the end of BL. 9pm! Geez...Darci get yourself together! DH leaves town and you fall apart!


POINTS = thru the roof!
WATER = 138 oz
EXERCISE = 30 day shred dvd

I knew when I woke up Wednesday morning I knew I wasn't going to go to the gym. So I let my puppy out to go potty and thought I could get a few more zzzz's. Well I sure did. Barely made it to work on time! Mornings like that are no fun! Rush, rush, rush!! I didn't have time to make the usual oatmeal so I just grabbed a fiber one bar for 2 points.

I think I had the munchies yesterday! And I'm sure it's because I didn't start my morning out like I usually do (ie no oatmeal or fruit). So I had a yogurt with grape nuts for 2 points mid morning.

I had to run errands on my lunch break so I didn't have time to make lunch while I was home for a whole 2 minutes to let the pup out. So when I got back to work I made a smart one's 4 cheese pizza for 7 points. It was ok. I think I would like to add some more toppings...possibly my fav ham & pineapple!

I had planed to meet my sister after work for some cheap margaritas and free chips & salsa. Unfortunately they didn't have strawberries, so I had to have a regular margarita, just not as good! I think we're starting a new Wednesday night routine! (points value = NO CLUE!)

Afterwards she invited me to her friend's house for "Bunco Nite". I don't know about you guys, but I had never heard of bunco. And when she was e-mailing me about it earlier in the day I was like "What the heck is Bunco?"! Is it an "atlectic" game or this like some "home party"?!?! I had no clue. But it ended up being a dice game you play with 8 people total. It was fun and they want to make it monthly event. And I only knew 2 people there so it was fun to meet some new girls! Oh and one of them was named Darci with an "i" too! I've only known one other Darci in my life and she spelled her's with a "y" that was fun & confusing!

By the time we finished it was almost 10 and I had eaten a few tortilla roll ups, chips & salsa (yep more!), apple slices with carmel dip, some amazing cookies with cream cheese filling in between, and a miller lite! (points value = NO CLUE!) I headed home, called DH for a quick "hi" & "goodnite" and I was out for the count! Btw, it's FREEZING here again! I'm so ready for spring!


POINTS = thru the roof!
WATER = 48 oz

No nutritious supper, not even close to an OP day! Wow! But today (Thursday) is a new day and I'm going to get back on track and not get too down on myself! I hope everyone has had a good week so far...has to be better than mine! DH comes home tonight, I'm so excited!!

Oh and by the way, I agree with you guys, I got a chuckle out of my "car running" story too! But don't worry, I won't tell DH! :)


heathermarie said...

it must be the weather making everone want more food haha.. cuz i am right there with you. but it sounds like your already getting back on track. And i love bunco! Me and my friends used to play alot. It got pretty rowdy!!

Krista said...

We all do it should see what I consumed when I was in Mexico!

Key is to just keep trucking along!

Cammy said...

I love bunco! It's been years since I played. Hmm, maybe I'll get a neighborhood group going when I get the house finished.

I like the Smart Ones Pepperoni pizza. Perfect size and a good flavor.

Glad to see you're back on track. Those little diversions often make us stronger than ever!

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