Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 105 (Monday 2/16)

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal & an English Muffin w/Cream Cheese. 4 pointsMORNING SNACK: Yogurt, Grape Nuts, & Strawberries, Andes Mint, & an Apple. 7 points
LUNCH: English Muffin w/PB2 & a Banana and Spinach Artichoke Dip w/Wheat Thins. 8 points
SUPPER: Applebees' Garlic Herb Chicken. 7 points

EVENING SNACK: Wheat Thins. 3 points

WATER = 138 oz

So Sunday night I had this horrible tooth ache. It's one that has been coming and going for about a week now. I can't get into the dentist till March 3rd, so I just have to tough it out. So I was all cuddled in bed before 10pm ready to get some good zzzzzz's so I could get up and hit the gym first this Monday morning. My tooth ache wasn't going away so I asked DH to bring me some pain pills and he did, but they were Tylenol PM. Long story short, didn't get up to go the gym....barely made it to work by 8am. I could not get my butt outta bed. My eyes just wouldn't open! You must have to have 8+ hours to devote to sleep before you take those stinkin' pills. My toothache is gone though, so I guess that is good.

Another bad part is DH got up, kissed me goodbye, and was out the door. Little did I know that when he left at 6am, he started my car thinking I was getting up to hit the gym! Yikes!! So it ran in the garage for almost 2 hours!! Good thing it wasn't low on gas otherwise who knows how I would've gotten to work this morning! I called him to thank him for starting my car and having it all toasty warm for me and then went on to say that I didn't work out and that flipped a switch! He wasn't too happy with me and I don't think it was because I didn't burn it up in the gym this morning...but because the car ran FOREVER! Needless to say I don't think he'll do that again when I'm still in bed when he leaves!

And I just have to say that I am so jealous of all of you who were home off work yesterday for President's Day...please enjoy it for me too!

We went out for supper with DH's grandparents to Applebees. They have only been there once and it was in Arizona. They always thought it was so expensive and that they couldn't afford it, so for Christmas DH & I got them a gift card there. So it was nice that they wanted us to come with when they went! It is always nice to see them and hear the latest news from DH's hometown! And lucky for me it was easy to be "point friendly"!

I hope everyone had a great Monday and a SUPER start to their week. I am dreading my wi tonight at ww, but I am going to go and face the facts...I am sure it will be a gain...but I deserve it for all the garbage I ate this weekend!

See you later tonight bloggies!


Sharon said...

Awh, that was a nice thing that you husband did, but yes, running it in the garage is a bad thing since it just sat there idle. Oh well.

But in the end, I'm glad your tooth ache is gone! =D

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Great photo Darci -- you look SKINNY!!!!! I'm so proud of you and how far you have come. You are definitely one of my inspirations!

Laura said...

You look great in the photo! I can really tell that you've lost weight compared to your other pics.

Glad the car was okay after running for so long!

Laura said...

Woweeeeeeee! You look phenomenal in the pic!

Keep it up Darci!!

Kari said...

Bummer to the tooth ache but glad that it went away. Hopefully it stays away till you get into the dentist! And I couldn't help but crack up laughing when I read about the car running. Thank goodness you had to go to work. lol.

Cammy said...

Don't tell hubby, but I giggled over the car mix-up. :)

That photo is great! You look so happy...

Charlie Hills said...

I don't know, I think the car running thing is kinda funny. Not good, but still worth a chuckle. Thanks for sharing. :)

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