Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 89 (Saturday 1/31)

BREAKFAST: Fiber One Bar. 2 points
AFTERNOON SNACK: Popcorn Cakes, Cool Whip, & Chocolate Chips. 8 points
SUPPER: Subway Ham & Turkey Sub & a WW Brownie. 7 points

EVENING SNACK: Jube Jelly Cherry Hearts. 3 points

WATER = 120 oz
EXERCISE = 20 min run/walk & 60 min cross ramp
Check out what I saw on the scale this morning:

Yep, that's right...I am outta the 170s!!! And I met my January 31st goal!! Words cannot express my excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (maybe exclamation points can!!) :) So that means I lost 2.5lbs this week, 33 total, and only 14 more to hit my goal weight of 155!

I hit the gym right away this morning, felt good to get in a nice, long workout! Then I ran a few errands and headed home. I wasn't in the mood for anything so I just snacked all afternoon (I know that's bad), but I counted my points!

DH & I went grocery shopping tonight so we don't have to do it tomorrow. I bought some sweet potatoes....but the sticker on it says it's a yam....are they the same thing?? (Pri sounds like a retarded question...sometimes I'm a lil slow!)

I feel like we're an old married couple...getting groceries on a Saturday night and staying in and now it's 9:30 and I'm ready for bed!! I guess it will be good for me, I want to get up and hit the gym right away in the morning!


Laura said...

YAY! way to go on the loss!!

So proud! Keep up the hard work!

BTW. that sammy looks delish, now I want Subway!

Mae Flowers said...

Great job on getting below the 170's and meeting your goal!

Laura said...

Yay! for being out of the 170s!

I think yams and sweet potatoes are technically different things, but I've heard that what grocery stores label as yams are usually just sweet potatoes. The ones I buy at Wegmans are called yams, but they're the same as the sweet potatoes I buy everywhere else.

Cammy said...

Congrats on passing another "decade"! :)

heathermarie said...

way to go girl! you have done so great!

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