Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 90 (Sunday 2/1)

BRUNCH: Ham, Egg White, Cheese English Muffin and 2 Oranges. 6 points
AFTERNOON SNACKS: WW Brownie & Cool Whip, Jub Jel Cherry Hearts, and Popcorn Cakes. 8 points

SUPPER: Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip & Wheat Thins. 14 points

WATER = 96 oz
EXERCISE = 60 min cross ramp & 20 min bike
Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!
DH & I are watching the game right now. Well I should say he is watching the game and I am doing some work on the computer! But I do like to "tune in" for the commercials, which so far I haven't been too impressed.
We took it easy today. I got in my workout right away this morning and then we made breakfast when I got home. After reading the paper it was about 1:30pm and I was ready for a that is just what I did! (I know...lazy Sunday!)
I made one of my favorite recipes for the game, Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip. It is fairly point friendly, but I tend to eat WAY too much...hence it was my supper! MMMMmmmm!!

Lots to do yet tonight: get my gym bag ready, eats for work for the week packed, garbage to the curb and recycle sorted....and the list goes on!
Hope everyone enjoys the last few tidbits of their weekend! I know I will!


Laura said...

I love spinach artichoke dip! Dips are a food I tend to go way overboard with. It's so easy to just keep scooping away until it's gone.

Kari said...

Your brunch looks amazing. yummy!

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