Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 88 (Friday 1/30)

PRE-WORK OUT SNACK: Banana. 2 points
BREAKFAST: Oatmeal & a Pear. 3 pointsMORNING SNACK: Apple. 1 point LUNCH: Cheesy Chicken & Rice. 6 pointsEVENING SNACK: Fiber One Bar. 2 pointsSUPPER: Parmesan Chicken. 9 points

WATER = 102oz
EXERCISE = 35 min run/walk & 10 mins abs

It's finally Friday and boy am I glad!! I'm ready for the weekend!!
Work was ho-hum today, nothing too exciting except at 4:30 when I got to leave for the day with the whole weekend ahead of me!! Sheer bliss!!
DH & I stayed in tonight. We wanted to rent Fireproof but all the video stores were out so we decided to catch up on some taped (yes we don't have tivo...still vhs!!) shows from the week. We made chicken parmesan and it was great. It is one of DH's favorites, granted we can't quite make it like Applebees does, it still isn't too bad!

I feel like I've got a jump start on weekend chores. I dusted, swiffered, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, and started laundry. I have lots I want to get done on Saturday so I knew I had to get those weekly things out of the way! PLUS I need to get in a nice long workout tomorrow. I really want to be out of the 170s by Sunday morning! So we'll see what happens. As long as I can avoid the "bunny tracks ice cream" in the freezer I think I'll be ok!

Happy Friday bloggies and I hope everyone has a FAN-TAB-U-LOUS weekend!!

PS I am having trouble getting my pics uploaded so hopefully I can get them up tomorrow! Nite!

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Mae Flowers said...

Great job on getting your workout in Friday! I heard that the Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks Ice cream had salmonella from the peanut butter in it, so you might want to check that out before eating it!!

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