Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 87 (Thursday 1/29)

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal & an Apple. 3 points MORNING SNACK: Pear. 1 point LUNCH: 1/2 c Cottage Cheese & a Ham, Turkey, & Cheese Wrap and a WW Fudge Bar. 6 points SUPPER: Godfathers Pizza - 1 slice of Canadian Bacon, 1 slice Taco, 2 slices of Dessert. 25 points

WATER = 78 oz

2 days in a row....I've shut my alarm off and went back to sleep! This is not a good habit to get lose these last15.5 pounds I've got to step it up, sleeping in doesn't help!! Friday morning I'm back at the gym for a run! I have NO other choice!!

Thursday was a CRAZY day at work!! It's the day we get all the students' loan money for the 2nd semester and it's my job to reconcile that it's all posted glad that's over with! Maybe my body knew I had a hard day ahead of me and I needed the extra sleep to cope. Nope...not true, I've got to get my workouts in! Anyway...

I had an Uppercase Living party to go to last night at a friend's house who is 6 1/2 months pregnant and I haven't seen in a few months so I was excited about that and it was good to see her. And I'm excited to get my expressions and get them put up! I got one for our living room and one for the bathroom! When I get them up I will def post some pics!

DH called me during the party and said some other friends of ours called and wanted to go our for pizza. Of course my first reaction is "oh no!", but they are fun to hang out with so I couldn't say no. I just told myself I would only eat two slices and stay within my points for the day. Well if I would have stuck with that plan I would have been fine, but as you saw I ate 2 slices of dessert pizza which was 11 points! Ouch! I hate that I have such a sweet tooth. Sigh...

I hope everyone has had a successful week and is ready for the weekend! Superbowl party anyone? DH is already talking about all these "horrible" foods he wants to pick up this weekend for the game...aaahhh! I can be strong & say no! Those foods won't help me in any way, shape, or form on this journey!

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Laura said...

I've been doing the same with my alarm lately. I'm hoping I get over it when the weather warms up.

I don't do anything special for my sweet potato fries. I just cut the potato into fry shapes and spread them out on a cookie sheet sprayed with canola oil. I usually bake them at 400 or 425 until they look done, maybe 20 minutes? I've seen some people cook them on racks to make them crispier.

Have a great weekend!

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