Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 84 (Monday 1/26)

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal & an Apple. 3 pointsLUNCH: Ham & Turkey Wrap w/Cottage Cheese. 6 points
AFTERNOON SNACK: Vanilla Yogurt w/Grapenuts & Strawberries. 3 points
EVENVING SNACKING: Popcorn "rice cakes", Fiber One Bar, String Cheese. 5 points

WATER = 96 oz
EXERCISE = 30 min run/walk & 10 min abs

Today was definately a "Monday"! It was hard to get out of bed, it was hard to go the gym, it was hard to focus at work, and now that I'm home I am just stuck to the couch! But hey, it's almost over and that means tomorrow is a new (hopefully better) day!

I feel like I'm still behind since I didn't workout for 3 straight days last week. I was going to run my 4 mile run that I didn't get in this weekend and my legs felt like they weighed a million pounds and it was all I could do to run a full 2 miles, so I cut it off at 3. I hate to say that I quit. It really didn't feel good, but I honestly don't know if I could've ran that last mile. I'll get back into it....I hope!

I wasn't in the mood to cook tonight so I just kept snacking, which is probably NOT good at all the night before my wi. I hope I don't pay for it tomorrow on the scale.

Well Monday is almost over...the rest of the week has to be better. (sorry for the glum post today ladies...tomorrow WILL be HAS to be!!)

good nite!
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