Sunday, January 25, 2009

Days 82 & 83 (Saturday 1/24 & Sunday 1/25)


This isn't going to be like one of my usual posts, but I wanted to give a quick recap of my weekend! I hope you guys all had a good one!

Saturday I woke up around 6am to get ready and head down my sister's house (she lives about 20 minutes away). I wanted to get a workout in before we went shopping, but the gym is only open 8am-2pm and we were going to leave her house at 8:30am. So I just decided to get in a quick workout at her house before we went, she has an elliptical. It felt great too! I quickly showered and made my usual breakfast of oatmeal and a pear.

We headed to Des Moines and started shopping right away. We first went to Mearle Hay Mall, which isn't the newest mall in town. We were mainly going because there are some really good clearance sales going on right now and we figured if we went to the less popular malls we would have better selection! We found some AWESOME deals at Younkers while we were at Mearle Hay! One of my favorites was this, a strapless, sheer black w/shinny silver under-layer dress:

And notice this:

Yep you saw that right, it's a size 10!!!! I was so pumped. My sister-in-law (DH's older sister) is getting married in June so I was half-way looking for a dress for that. My sister was looking through the racks and found this one and we thought it looked great and so I was going to try it on, but then we saw it was a size 10 and was like "bummer". But I wanted to try it on anyway and I did and it FIT!! Zipped up perfectly and everything!! Felt great!! I did a little dance around the dressing room and made my sister laugh!! Best part, orig price $125, clearance price, $21!!

Afterwards we hit Sam's Club & Ethan Allen. My sister is looking for a new bed. Neither of us had been to Ethan Allen before. I love so many things there. It made me want to come home and re-do our house! Sam's Club was a great stop. I stocked up Fiber One Bars (DH loves them, as do I!) and got some B-E-A-UTIFUL strawberries....only $2/lb! Couldn't believe they had such great, red, cheap, berries in January!

Got hungry in between stops so I grabbed a Fiber One Bar & a string cheese to tide me over.

Then we headed to our 2nd mall stop, Valley West Mall. JcPenny's had a sale where all their clearance was buy one, get one free. We were pretty disappointed until we went downstairs and I found all the Iowa Hawkeye stuff! So of course I had to stock up. They didn't really have a lot of clothes, but other random fun things. Like Hawkeye slippers for DH and Hawkeye Christmas ornaments for our "hawkeye christmas tree".

Afterwards we were feeling pretty hungry (it was almost 4pm!) So we headed to one of my ALL-TIME favorite restaurants, Cheddars. I get the same thing every time, chicken tender wrapper. It's AMAZING!! It is buffalo chicken tenders, cheddar cheese, and some sort of sauce and/or dressing in a flour flavored tortilla. I don't know what it is about it that is I love so much, because by what I just wrote, it doesn't sound that great! DH and I usually split it, but he wasn't there so I just took half home to him. I don't see how anyone could eat all four wrappers.

When we left the restaurant we headed to our last mall stop, Jordan Creek Town Center. It is a great area with tons of awesome shopping & dining, a new development in the Des Moines area. We found quite a few more great deals. Baby Gap was having a sale on their clearance, you got an extra 25% off so I stocked up on baby gifts and a few things that I might want to keep for my future kids! (i have a thing for buying baby clothes!) My sister bought a massage chair and a foot massage thing at Younkers that were both AWESOME!!!! Might be spending a lil more time at her place now!!! ;)

By this time is was almost after 7pm so were about beat for the day! We grabbed a diet fountain pop (i luv fountain pop!) on the way out of town and headed home (1.5-2 hr drive). Overall it was a great shopping day!

By the time I got home I figured DH would be sleeping and I could just sneak into bed with him, but he got called into work like the minute I got home and so I did a few things around the house until he got back...not until after midnight!

Today we had to drag our sleepy-butts out of bed to get to church. DH had to usher so we had no matter how tired we were! Hit the grocery store afterwards. Then we headed home and DH made waffles for brunch, which I forgot to photograph! But they were great. I just added a little chocolate pb2 and some sf syrup...mmmm! Then we hit the hay for a much needed Sunday afternoon nap.

By the time we got up it was after 6pm (long nap....i know, but it felt great!) and so the by the time I would've gotten to the gym I would have only had 15 minutes to workout, so I didn't go. I know, I'm naughty. I hope to make up for it this week. So I just did a few things around the house and grabbed something to eat.

Check out this yummy of my favorites!! Vanilla yogurt, grape nuts, & strawberries!! Mmmmmmmmm!!

So much for a "quick" post! I'm almost done, I promise! Now that I am nearing the end of this post I realized I forgot 2 of the most exciting parts of my weekend.

#1 - I hit the 30lb mark!! The scale said 171.5 Saturday morning! So that means I've lost 30.5 lbs and need to lose 16.5 lbs more to hit my goal!! I'm so pumped!!

#2 - I got a new purse on our shopping expedition!It's one of the new Coach one's for 2009! Love it! They didn't have the matching wallet so I'm going to have to maybe see if I could find one on ebay or just order it!

Ok, I promise I'm done now bloggie friends!! I hope you had a great week and that my long post didn't put you to sleep! Thanks for taking to the time to read it!! :) I hope everyone has an even better week...successful is my hope for you guys this week!!

Nite, nite!


Laura said...

Size 10 is fantastic! That dress is gorgeous. You should be so proud of yourself!

I love your new purse too!

heathermarie said...

omg how exciting about the size 10 dress! and even more exciting that you got it for 21 bucks!! haha I bet you were happy all day! and congrats on the 30lb mark. that is so awesome

Anonymous said...

WOOOOHOOOO. WAY TO GO! I can't wait to get into my 10's. And awesome purse. Congrats congrats congrats. U really are my inspiration!

Kari said...

that dress is SO cute! I have a wedding in September and October to go to and I've been searching high and low to find a cute dress..of course in a much smaller size than I am now!
Wow size 10...what a wonderful feeling!

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