Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 39 (Thursday 12/11)

BREAKFAST: None. :( 0 points

MORNING SNACK: Yogurt w/Grape Nuts. 2 pointsLUNCH: Tropical Smoothie Strawberry Beach Smoothie made w/Splenda. 2 pointsAFTERNOON SNACK: Chocolate Pumpkin Muffin. 3 pointsSUPPER: Ham & Pineapple English Muffin Pizzas, Coke Zero, & 1 small Slice of Homemade Pizza. 10 points
EVENING SNACK: String Cheese. 1 point

WATER = 92 oz
EXERCISE = 40 min cross ramp

Today is a "ho-hum" day. Nothing too exciting. Worked out this morning, went to work, got off at 2pm, and went home to work on some "household" projects. One thing I know for sure, I'm ready for the weekend!!

Since I've been working out in the mornings I have been trying to leave a few minutes before work to make my oatmeal, but days like today don't really allow time for that. So it just seemed like it messed up the rest of my day "food wise". I know it's not good, I really need to be better about getting all my points in or at least shoot for 20! So that's my goal for tomorrow, eat 24 points!

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