Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 38 (Wednesday 12/10)

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal & an Apple. 3 pointsMORNING SNACK: Yogurt w/Grape Nuts. 2 pointsLUNCH: Turkey, Ham, & Cheese Wrap, Baby Dill Pickles, & Strawberry Applesauce. 6 points
AFTERNOON SNACK: Chocolate Pumpkin Muffin. 3 pointsSUPPER: Taco (Made w/2oz Ground Turkey, 1/8 c 2% Shredded Cheddar, Taco Sauce, 2TBL ff Sour Cream, & Wheat Tortilla) & 1 c. Corn. 8 points

WATER = 154 oz
EXERCISE = 40 min weights & 12 min run/walk

So I couldn't believe it when I got on the scale this said 181.5!!!! That means I've lost 20.5 lbs!!!!!!!!! I am so pumped it's seems beyond belief!!

So I went the gym like I usually do in the mornings, and planned to have a weight session with my brother-in-law, but he wasn't there. :( So I just decided that was my plan to lift today so that is what I did! I didn't do a lot of free weights, just the weight machines but hey it's better than nothing, right?!?! I did about 8 different machines that worked your arms or legs 15 reps each, 3 times. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow! And I also got in a nice run at the end of my weight session. I do have one question though, when you are calculating your AP's do you consider weight lifting a "moderate" activity? I really didn't know how to categorize it! Thanks in advance for your input!

It was back to work today, but that's ok, because the piles on my desk seem to be getting bigger lately, not smaller!


spunkysuzi said...

You are just rocking the program kiddo!! Great week your having.

Angie All The Way said...

Wooohoo, you're doing sooo great!!!

That's a tough call on how to categorize an activity. I suppose I'd figure out how hard I was working while doing the free weights. If you're working up a notable sweat, I'd categorize it as moderate, but if not, it could be Low. It's a judgment call for sure.

Low: You can talk or sing; your breathing is regular and you are not sweating.

Moderate: You can talk, but you can't sing. You breathe often and deeply and begin sweating after 10 minutes.

High: You can talk briefly, but you can't sing. You breathe rapidly and deeply and begin sweating after 3 - 5 minutes

Fifty Eight Days said...

OMG girl you are shrinking by the minute! Keep it up with the weight will help you look toned and thin :) Cardio and nutrition will just get you flabby and thin! And muscles burn more calories at rest.

Laura said...

Great job on the weight loss!

As far as AP points go, I wear a heart rate monitor and notice significantly different calorie burns depending on what muscles I'm working. For large muscle groups, like legs, I would probably count it as moderate. My HR will go up to like 170 when I do lunges. For arms, I'd go with low because my HR is usally close to 130 for something like bicep curls. What I've been doing recently to keep my heart rate up is alternate an upper body move with a lower body move.

Sorry this comment is so long. I hope it makes sense. If not, feel free to e-mail me and I'll send you an example of what I'm talking about. :)

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