Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 13 (Saturday 11/15)

BREAKFAST: WW Double Chocolate Muffin & an Apple. 4 points
MORNING SNACK: Chips & Salsa, Granola Bar, Diet Cherry Coke, & Lemon Heads. 6 points

LUNCH: Ham & Turkey Sandwich, Chips, Salsa, & Chocolate Animal Crackers. 14 points

SUPPER: Reduced Fat Cheese Its, Grapes, & String Cheese. 8 points

WATER = 58 oz
EXERCISE = 45 min power walk

We were in Iowa City again this weekend cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes in cold 30 degree windy weather. Which also means we were tailgating and there was so much tempting food! But I stuck to my guns and only ate things that I KNEW what the points were. I did go over on my points for the day, but it is the first time this week. So hopefully I'm ok for weigh in Tuesday. Oh and by the way, the Hawks won!!

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