Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 14 (Sunday 11/16)

BREAKFAST: Grapes, an Apple, & a Ham, Egg (3 egg whites), & Cheese English Muffin. 6 points
LUNCH: Chocolate Animal Crackers, Chips, & Salsa. 8 points

SUPPER: English Muffin & Cream Cheese. 2 Points

SNACK: 4 WW Chocolates. 4 points

POINTS = 20 points
WATER = 72 oz
EXERCISE = day off!

Well for a Sunday today was definitely a better Sunday (compared to last week), eating wise. My husband and I made a decision not to go out to eat (like we ALWAYS do on Sundays) and stay home (save $$ & points!). And I am so glad that we did. I made a great breakfast and it was totally worth staying home! I didn't necessarily eat healthy for the day, but I stayed within my points.

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