Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 12 (Friday 11/14)

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal & an Apple. 3 points
MORNING SNACK: Cucumbers & ff Ranch. 2 points
LUNCH: Smart Ones Creamy Rigatoni w/Broccoli & Chicken. 6 points
SUPPER: Subway Ham Sandwich w/cheese & lite mayo. 8 points
DESSERT: 2 WW Carmel Medallions. 2 points
WATER = 140 oz
EXERCISE = 30 min Elliptical

I weighed in again this morning, I like how a fellow blogger says it: "The scale is like crack to me, I'm addicted"! And it's so true for me too! I love to see the number go down! And I was telling my husband the other day that if for some reason it doesn't go down or (heaven forbid!) it goes up, that will just motivate me to work harder and lose those lbs!! So anyway I was down another 1/2 lb, 8 lbs total!! Can't wait for the 10 lb mark!!

I have to say that I am really proud of myself. I stayed at work for lunch so I could leave earlier to make it to the gym before we got our Friday night plans going. No that isn't why I am I proud of me! :) I was in the break room at work heating up my Smart Ones and there was this HUGE tray of muffins, bagels, donuts, cinnamon rolls, etc and I didn't even look twice at it!!!! It felt so good to have self control and not eat one or two while my meal was heating up!!
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