Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tweet Baby Girl

A few Saturdays ago my sisters threw me an AMAZING baby shower!!! I am so blessed to have these 3 wonderful women in my life! _DSC4765

Warning:picture heavy post! ;)

I arrived slightly early, but got a sneak peak of the place!_DSC4687

The food table looked great! I loved the decorations and of course the food too!_DSC4694 _DSC4696

They served mini quiches, roll ups, triple chocolate cake, mini “bird’s nest” cupcakes, and Larita’s cookies (they are famous in my town!). _DSC4695

The theme was SO cute…”Tweet Baby Girl”!!_DSC4697

The sign in table did not disappoint! _DSC4701 _DSC4703

Let the party begin!_DSC4706

There was a great turnout for my shower!_DSC4708

So many friends came to shower “baby bangert”!_DSC4713_DSC4729 _DSC4714_DSC4731                    _DSC4715

We even allowed a few cute boys into the party!_DSC4734

To say that I had a lot of gifts to open was an understatement! _DSC4718

This little girl is already blessed beyond belief and she isn’t even here yet!_DSC4720          _DSC4730

I had a few little “helpers” with the gifts too!_DSC4736_DSC4743

Needless to say, I’m pretty sure we have everything we need and more for this little girl!

Afterwards we snuck in a few family pictures! My Mom…aka Grandma!_DSC4755

Me and Grandma…or should I say Great Grandma! :)_DSC4760

And we cannot forget 3 of my bestest friends…my sisters!_DSC4766 _DSC4767 

Stay tuned this week for more baby updates! I’m a few weeks behind on my weekly posts…and I had ANOTHER baby shower…and a few projects I want to share!! Have a great week everyone!! 


Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Very cute decorations!! :) Can't wait to see more pictures. You're looking as adorable as ever! :)

Tricia said...

so fun! you look adorable

Marcelle said...

That little girl of yours is already so loved by everyone, can you imagine when she is here how much more they area going to enjoy and love her...
this is such a special time for you...enjoy and make the most as once your baby is in your arms, your live is forever different, changed, never to be the way you know it again...
So enjoy as this chapter is coming to a close...a new and beautiful one is about to start...motherhood is such a gift..

BTW..that baby has grown and is so beautiful!!!

TJ said...

aww looks like a great party! You really look great Darci!! :)

Jenna Marie said...

So bummed I had to miss out:'( Everything looks great! Baby B only has more spoiling in store for her! :)

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