Wednesday, March 23, 2011

27 weeks

27 weeks - 3.23.11

How Far Along: 27 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby Bangert is the size of an eggplant!

Maternity Clothes: I wear maternity jeans and pants but everything else is regular.  Things are getting tighter though!

Gender: It’s a girl!!!

Movement: My Doctor told me I should feel her at least 10 times before 1pm…I don’t think that is a problem!! BIG NEWS: Kyle finally got to feel her kick on Saturday!! It was such a sweet moment, we were watching a movie and after he felt her kick he left his hand there the rest of the movie just waiting to feel her again!

Sleep: Not too bad, I get up a few times throughout the night to go to the bathroom. I guess it’s preparing me for a newborn!

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, a bigger selection of clothes, and being able to go up & down stairs without getting winded!

Cravings: I don't have specific cravings. I just like to eat! ;) I don’t think ice cream counts, I love that anytime!

Symptoms: Really can’t complain! Feeling well for the most part, just stiff/achy by the end of the the day.

Best Moment this week: Kyle feeling her kick and making progress on the nursery!

I had my glucose test yesterday and they said no news is good news. So my fingers are crossed, I haven’t heard from the Dr. yet, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign!

In case you missed it click here to check out the progress in the nursery!


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

You look great! It's such an incredible moment when someone else can feel the kicking and such a thrill for Kyle!

Wait until the hiccups start and your whole belly shakes!

Our Happy Married Life... said...

yay that your hubby got to feel her kick! I love her nursery!

Leah said...

You look so adorable pregnant! So happy things are going well for you! The nursery is looking good as well!

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