Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunny Tuesday

Tuesday was a gorgeous day here in Iowa, sunny & 70 degrees! Too bad I had to work inside all day!

Breakfast was a few left over pancakes with peanut butter for 9 points.

My first morning snack was cheese & crackers for 4 points! I love these 100 calorie pre-portioned cheese cubes!DSC09302

Kyle got stuck in a meeting and it was after 1:30pm so I went for another snack before lunch to calm my tummy, a fruit parfait for 2 points. I love how convenient these are…fruit, yogurt, & granola all in one container!DSC09304

We finally got to go home for lunch a little after 2pm, which I don’t mind because that means our afternoon at work flies by!

I had a triple threat plate, starting with 1/2c cottage cheese and pineapple for 3 points. DSC09305

A serving of steamed broccoli that I didn’t eat, had a horrible taste. I think it was on the verge of going bad. :(DSC09306

And I rounded things out with a grilled cheese sandwich for 2 points. DSC09307

Great lunch, minus the bad broccoli! ;)DSC09308

After work Kyle and I ran a few errands, had to make a quick stop at the post office to mail a certain package! ;) And then we hit up the grocery store, we were running quite low on food!

By the time we got home it was after 7pm, so I went for something quick & comforting! The mini pizzas strike again, 6 points.DSC09312

I had a craving for mac n cheese, so I made a 1/2 box and calculated the points. Not too bad if you have 1/2 a serving and make it w/no butter & skim milk. My serving was only 3 points and totally satisfied my craving!DSC09311

I had to show you guys my dress I wore today! It’s pretty simple, but I love it! I had already ditched my heels, walking all day at the office & grocery shopping was enough! ;) Can’t wait to pair it with leggings & boots this winter!DSC09310

POINTS = 29/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 6 used/29 remaining
H2O = 88 oz

Are you a dress girl? I would say I definitely am! But I don’t wear them often enough!


Fashion Meets Food said...

First how cute are you in that picture! Love it. I think I am definitely going to have to make english muffin pizzas for lunch or dinner soon. Looks absolutely fabulous.


spunkysuzi said...

Nice dress!!
I've got to look for those packages of cheese :)

Kelly said...

I love cheese. Wal Mart has some delicious blocks of cheese that are 50 and 75% fat free and they are so good. They even melt like "real" cheese.

Love the dress!

Marisa @ Loser for Life said...

LOVE that dress, Darci!!! It will look adorable with tights and boots! Smokin'!

Jenna Marie said...

I heart mini pizzas!!! mmm, mmm good!:)
I love your dress! That will look super cute with leggings and boots this winter!

TJ said...

Cute dress! You look great! :)

I made that soup last night and I think it is the 4th time I made it- I love it! I'm not sure why yours didnt come out good- I'm sorry :( Wanna come over tonight for leftovers? lol

capperson said...

Your meals and snacks always look so yummy!

LOVE the dress. I love dress's but also don't wear them often enough!

Casey said...

Awesome dress. I love winter because of boots, leggings, and hats. Winter accessories are the best.

Mrs. M said...

Cute dress! I would like to be a dress person, and I always buy them, but seldom wear them. Not sure why...

Mae Flowers said...

Very cute dress!!!

Heidi said...

Looking good! That dress would totally look great with boots. I used to be more of a dress girl, but my office is so casual I could wear PJs and no one would bat an eye (or probably notice). I wore alot more dresses this summer though. I like the simplicity of this one you're wearing, I could pull that off.

I think I shall have english muffin pizzas tonight. Thanks for the idea!

Connie B said...

Love the pic! You look great!! Man oh man, do I have a craving for a grilled cheese sammy now!!! YUM!

carla said...

food looks delish!

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