Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free Supper

Happy Hump day my friends! We're half way to Friday, hooray!!!

Here's a quick recap on my Tuesday eats. I had 1 lonely leftover pancake from this Sunday with some cool whip & a banana for 6 points.

Mid morning I sliced up an apple for a 1 point snack.

Kyle and I had an errand to run on our lunch break, so we were squished for time. I had 1/2c cottage cheese for 2 points...didn't eat the cantaloupe, it was still hard!

Because of our time crunch my main course for lunch was a Smart Ones for 4 points.

After work Kyle got busy on homework and I made a quick Target run. I LOVE that store! Somehow a bag of Reeses snuck into my cart. I had 1 serving of those little guys which is 5 for 5 points. Darn clearance Halloween candy! ;)

Supper was FREE! We got a coupon in the paper for KFC's newest chicken sandwich. I order it grilled and only ate 1/2 the bun for an estimate of 6 points. I love their little song on commercials, 'G' double 'O' 'D', GOOD!

POINTS = 24/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 1 used/34 remaining
H2O = 104 oz

Just so you know, you MUST stop back tomorrow for a FUN post!!! That's all I can now though! ;)


Anonymous said...
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Amanda said...

I love the pancake/cool whip/banana idea! And KFC must be marketing hard because I've been getting coupons in the mail all month. Was the new sammie tasty? I may have to try it - I'm a sucker for all things hawaiian bread related...

Syl said...

So funny about KFC,
in Canada they came out with a new KFC sandwhich, it's two chicken breasts that act as a bun...the sight of it makes me sick, but I said to Peter the other day "we can totally have one of those, there's no bread on the sandwhich"...we got a good laugh out of it!

are you packed yet girl??? So excited for you!

Heidi said...

Mmmm Reeses! YUM!. All the stores here were cleared out for leftover candy. The only thing I found was a bag of Double Bubble. I bought it for my daughter because it's her favourite, but it doesn't entice me at all.

Heidi said...

hahah I just read Syl's comment. Yes, that "burger" is gross. Two crispy chicken patties which sandwich bacon & cheese. G-R-O-S-S!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

I had to run from the halloween candy! I love Target, I wish we had it here.

Fashion Meets Food said...

those pancakes looks delish. I need to make some asap. Also yay for a free dinner. I never eat KFC but your sandwich looks good.


Mae Flowers said...

Can't wait to see what you have planned for tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

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