Sunday, October 3, 2010

Applefest 5K

Happy day 2 of the weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed theirs to the very fullest! I would like to think I did! :)

Did you miss my Saturday post? I had found some great deals shopping & enjoyed a football game!

Kyle and I didn’t get home Saturday night Sunday morning until after 2 am! Needless to say when our alarm went off before 8am we weren’t ready to get out of bed with only 5+ hours of sleep….but we did!

We had a 5K to run! And to top it off the start line was about 1 mile from our house! Score!!! It was a chilly 34 degrees, so hats & gloves were welcomed with open arms!

Packet pickup was a breeze. We pinned our numbers on and headed to the start line with right around another 100 runners. Not bad for a local race!

The gun went off at 9am sharp and we were off. Kyle stuck with me for about the first 1/2 mile, but was feeling good and I told him to run ahead. Doesn’t it just stink that guys are so much faster! He hasn’t run since July 22nd, but I’m proud that he decided to this race me.

Ok back to the race!DSC08875

The race went through town and a few neighborhoods. I welcomed a “new” route, but it was fun to be familiar with the surroundings! My legs were quite tight & sore from yesterday’s run, but I pushed through and maintained right around a 10 min/mile pace.

I turned the last corner and gave it all I had. It was probably a bit too early & I was hurting, but I saw Kyle at the finish line and that was my motivation! My finished time was 32:15 and I was happy with that!

Not only was there a long sleeve tee (my fav!!) included with our race registration, but also made to order omelets!DSC08876

I had ham, green peppers, & cheese on my omelet. And going along with the “Applefest” celebration I had an apple muffin. Also un-pictured a carton of skim milk & 2 orange slices. Total breakfast was 11 points. DSC08877

Afterwards we headed home, but ended up being unofficial 10K race cheerleads/staff! There was a 10K race that started an hour after our race and the route went RIGHT by our house! There were quite a few turns on the race route so Kyle & I volunteered to help keep the runners on course. It was SO fun! Maybe we’ll have to volunteer to help with more races!

Oh and in the meantime I got a text from a friend and said there was an awards ceremony after we left and Kyle got 3rd place in his age division with a time of 28:15! Way to go Kyle!!! 3rd place with no running  in 2+ months, I’m impressed! They are going to mail him his medal.

After the 5K & cheering on the 10K runners, I headed down my Mom’s house for lunch!DSC08878

My sister & BIL were in town! Gotta get some nephew time in! ;)DSC08882

I wasn’t too hungry and went with very small portions to curb mid afternoon eating! I had 1 small maidrite (minus 1/2 the bun). DSC08879

Just a few potatoesDSC08880

And rounded out  my plate with some watermelon for a total of 5 points. DSC08881

I said no to the warm applecrisp right out of the oven! It sure did make my Mom’s house smell delicious though!DSC08886

We spent the afternoon chatting, watching football, and getting some Hayden time in! Even my Grandpa, aka Great Grandpa now!!! :)DSC08884

The sunshine and beautiful fall day was calling our names so we all headed out for  walk! I think Hayden enjoyed himself! He was bright eyed & awake the whole time (even tho he looks a little perplexed in the picture)!DSC08888

I headed home to my hard working student hubby! He is so diligent with his school work! I got busy in the house and I’m pretty sure I put away about a month’s worth of laundry, got my clothes ready for the week, cut Kyle’s hair, did some work I brought home, and got all our tailgate things put away. DSC08889

I made a quick, veggie filled supper! 2 oz whole wheat pasta, 1/4 ff mozzarella, yellow squash (thanks to my Mom!), and zucchini for 4 points. DSC08890

POINTS = 20/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 1 used/34 remaining
ACTIVITY POINTS EARNED = 5 today/12 week
H2O = 96 oz
EXERCISE = 3.1 mile run

Alright my wonderful blog friends I’m ready to hit the hay! Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Mae Flowers said...

Looks like another fun day! Great job on the race- that's an awesome time. Great job to Kyle for placing also!

Anonymous said...

Good job on the race. I love the pics.

Jenna Marie said...

Way to go you guys!!! You both did great! That's awesome Kyle got 3rd place! Wish we could've been there to run(in my case, walk lol) it with you guys!

Heidi said...

Congrats to both of you on the race. I'm not sure I could survive the day on 5 hours of sleep. EEK!

Marcelle said...

I'm hoping to get my hubby into running next Spring...he loves we never do anything together.

Well done on the race...looks and sounds like FUN :)

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