Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Reasons…

Howdy friends! Tuesday = WI day for me! Remember the past 2 weeks? I had no loss, I was stuck at 165. Well I’d like you to read something for me!

10 reasons why I didn’t stress over the scale being “stuck”!

  1. 13.5 lbs – In the 4 weeks prior to this I had lost 13.5lbs, quite a large amount of weight to lose in a short time. I knew it would eventually slow down.
  2. Comments – I think I got more comments in those 2 weeks when my weight was “stuck” than all year long, “Darci, are you losing weight?” “You are sure looking fit!” If that isn’t motivating, I don’t know what is?!?! My body was still changing even though I didn’t see the change on the scale.
  3. Eat – You have to eat to lose weight! The majority of those 2 weeks I ate all or more than my allotted points. Sometimes I’ll have a snack after doing my post just to make sure I’m getting in my daily points. 
  4. Fluctuate– We all know it, depending on the time of day/week/month, your weight can vary greatly!
  5. Journey – Weight loss/fitness is a journey, not a destination! This journey is more than just 2 weeks.
  6. Other – I like to use other forms of “measurement” to determine how I’m doing on this journey. Example: I wore a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn in quite a few months!
  7. Patience – period.
  8. Success – I do not let the number on the scale determine how I’m doing on this journey. Yes it is one way to gauge your progress, but it does not control my outlook on the overall picture. I knew I was doing what I needed to!
  9. Tone – It’s very possible for your body to still be changing shape & size without seeing the scale go down.
  10. And the last, but not least, I knew the scale would move again…today it said, 163! A 2 lb loss! 15.5lbs gone since I started back on plan on August 23rd and 39 lbs gone since I started this journey nearly 2 years ago!!!

I had the perfect breakfast this morning, leftovers! I had 2 pumpkin pancakes for 5 points left over from Saturday. If you have tried these yet, you MUST!!DSC09005

My morning at work flew by and my pancakes held me over nicely! Lunch today was delish! I had 1 c butternut squash with 1T of brown sugar for 2 points. DSC09006

I also had a chicken salad sandwich with swiss cheese for 4 points. DSC09007

I couldn’t resist these guys anymore! Remember my friend Jenna & her Mom from Saturday. Well they made these delicious 1 point apple cinnamon muffins for me! Super easy & quite tasty!DSC09008Ingredients

1 box Fiber One Apple Cinnamon Muffin Mix (dry).
1/2 cup "Better N' Eggs" egg substitute.
1 large apple chopped
3/4 cup water


-Chop apple in food processor until almost liquid.
-Add the remaining ingredients and mix just until moistened.
-Pour into 12 large muffin cups (greased).
-Bake at 425 for 15 - 20 minutes until golden brown and tops spring back when touched.
Number of Servings: 12

My SIL, Laura, came over to hang out for the evening & go on a run! Kyle joined us too! We chatted & Kyle entertained us the whole way! We got in 2.4 miles and Kyle & Laura stopped off at our house. I got in another 1.1 miles and finished 3.52 miles in 39 minutes.

We are strong. We are beautiful. We are women. DSC09009

I made grilled chicken…DSC09011

…and roasted veggies for a total of 7 points. Mmmm good!DSC09012

And lastly, happy 1 month to my sweet nephew, Hayden! Check out what I was doing 1 month ago today, here!TUESDAY’S STATS
POINTS = 19/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 0 used/35 remaining
H2O = 146 oz
EXERCISE = 3.52 mile run

So tell me your experience, when you weren’t seeing the numbers on the scale go down, what did you do to stay positive?


Syl said...

Congrats Darci your hard work is really paying off.
I really need to stop there because my mind is already on that cruise ship, is yours ;-)

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Great work! I am happy to see your patience paid off this week!

TJ said...

WHOOHOOOO! You are rocking that scale girl! :) CONGRATS! :) Great job!

Look how cute Hayden is in that pic!!! AWWWWW!!! :)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Congratulations on the loss!!! You are doing absolutely amazing and should be so proud!!! I am trying to get back into the swing of things since I have gained some weight since my August wedding. Hayden is way too cute!


Marcelle said...

Well done on the weight lost...and as u said...finally after having lost so much in a month...bodies are all different and release the fat in their own time.

Foods look great, as is that cutie pie...growing up so fast!!

Jenna Marie said...

YAY!! Another loss! Great job friend you are doing so good! I'm so proud of you:) I loved your "10 Things", great outlook on your journey. Whenever you get in a rutt, just go back and look at this post, great inspiration for yourself and readers!

Casey said...

Hooray poundage gone! But your outlook and eating have been great over the past two weeks. I'm going to have to break down and make those pumpkin pancakes now. This is the third time you've had them for breakfast and you're repeat meals mean its good.

I think they know me by name at the grocery now. I end up reading a blog and going to get the 2 ingredients I need like every day.

Anonymous said...

Good Work Darci!! This is awesome! I love to read things like this...Keep staying strong girl!

Kristen Mattio

Heidi said...

He's 1 month already. WOW that time flies!

Congrats on your loss. I have to check out that pumpkin pancake recipe. I love pretty much anything pumpkin.

Amanda said...

I've been having this problem for the last few weeks, but it was because I had let my exercise routine dwindle, so this week I really got back on track with that. Yet you seem really on top of all elements right now, in which case when that has happened to me in the past I just try to replace a small portion of my carbs with extra veggies and do small things like take the stairs whenever possible. You are so on track though, I'm not surprised at all that you dropped again this week! Congrats, you look great!

Carolyn & Gina - Two Fat Girls on A Mission said...

Wow, this blog was what I needed. Really. As a new WW follower, I know I have X points, but what does that look like? By lunch I am at 16 and by dinner, well I am lucky if I stay under the alotted 27. Thanks for posting pics, I really really like that and can learn from that.

Good for you on your loss! Keep it going!

An Avid New Follower
Carolyn from

Fran said...

Syl pointed your blog out so I came to take a look.

I love your list because it´s so true.

Congrats on your loss this week and you´re right, it´s a journey and every journey has it´s struggles and victories.

Mae Flowers said...

Great job on the weight loss! I loved your thoughts on the scale. I try to think of the overall picture when I have a gain- one little gain won't run the whole journey.

Cupcake Dreamer said...

Great job Darci! You are definitely an inspiration. What I love about your blog posts is that you are human. YOu let yourself indulge a little, but you work to compensate for the setback.

I haven't commented a lot lately, but have been following your journey all the way.

How can I not with such cute pictures of your nephew? :)

Keep up the great work. I will be back to my weightloss journey and will need your positivity as usual.

Kim @ Imperfectly Perfect said...

Great Job, Darci! I loved your reasons for not stressing, but am also glad you got to see the number move on the scale.

I've been reading your blog for a while now and wanted to say hello. I just started WW online yesterday. I've been yoyo-ing for years with my highest weight being 186lbs. Time to get to goal and maintain! Keep up the great work. You're an inspiration!! :)

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