Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

I hope everyone was able to enjoy Labor Day…and have minimal amounts of labor! ;)

I made oatmeal this morning, the usual mix of banana and 1T peanut butter for 5 points. DSC08376

We got ready and all headed a few blocks down for the 10am parade!DSC08391

No Iowa parade is complete without fire engines…DSC08378

Local school organizations…DSC08380 DSC08403DSC08404

Horses…DSC08381 DSC08382 DSC08384

Farm equipment…DSC08400DSC08405


Ronald liked my Grandma!DSC08408   DSC08396DSC08390

Even the big kids got up to pick up candy!! [so did I!]DSC08393

Abby even got to enjoy the day with everyone!DSC08415

After the parade we all headed back to my Mom’s for lunch! We had an awesome spread!DSC08418

Here is my plate…I had 1/2c taco meat w/beans, cheese, ff thousand island dressing, salsa, a deviled egg, a piece of watermelon, layered taco dip [that I made!], chips, and a small piece of strawberry pretzel salad….points estimate = too many!!DSC08422

I finished with 1/2 slice of apple pie and a small scoop of ice cream! I know I didn’t need desert, but I was proud that I only allowed myself a small serving. Portion control is HUGE!!!DSC08423

After lunch everyone headed out for a bike ride!DSC08426

Kyle and I headed back home mid afternoon and took a quick nap. I had about 2 servings of wheat thins and 1 serving of Pringles when we woke up for 5 points. I was in a snacky mood!

I spent the evening working on a project! I purchased these shadow boxes in June at a garage sale. I spray painted the one black to match and turned them into….DSC07395

I turned them into collages for our first year of races! Our basement is already a sports type theme…DSC08428

…well ok…it’s all Iowa Hawkeye! I figured our running memorabilia would fit in perfect!  DSC08427

I wasn’t very good about keeping on top of my points today. I’m partly disappointed in myself, but know there will always be challenges in life. I need to face each one, move forward, and continue on this journey to a healthier and smaller me!


Tricia said...

love the shadow boxes, great idea!

Kelly said...

Those shadow boxes are beautiful. I really like that idea. You and Kyle are just too cute.

And I love the pics of the parade. A very nice Labor Day. :)

Heidi said...

You had a busy weekend. Love the collages!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone.

I truly immensly enjoy this blog, continue the great work!
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Mae Flowers said...

I love those shadow boxes- what a great idea!

Jess(ica) said...

I absolutely love the pictures! It looks like you had a great Labor Day.

I left you an award over on my blog :-)

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