Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I’m proud to introduce…

My first nephew, Hayden James!DSC08548

Click here to read about how he came into this world!

I finally got to bed about 2am early Monday morning, but I was ready to go and see my nephew first thing in the morning! Before I left the house I made a bowl of oatmeal like always, 5 points.

Isn’t he SO cute!!!DSC08544

My little sister, Wendi’s, motherly instincts kicked in right away, she’s a great Mom!DSC08556

And of course, I’m not the only Aunt…here’s Aunt Mindi!DSC08559

And Aunt Stef! DSC08546

This little boy is greatly loved!DSC08563

I picked up Subway for lunch for 6 points. It was hard to think about eating this afternoon though…DSC08581

If you recall from my post about the birth he wasn’t breathing right when he was born. They thought it was fluid in the his lungs, but then they detected a heart murmur on Hayden.DSC08574

They ran tests today and found out he has pulmonary hypertension, which means he is breathing like he is still in the womb and not like he should on his own. At birth there are some valves that are supposed to close and then the baby breathes through his lungs, but that didn't happen with Hayden. He was life flighted this evening by helicopter to a larger hospital with a NICU about 2 hours south.DSC08578

The nurses and doctors said they have seen this before and comparing Hayden to recent cases he was the most stable, so at least that was reassuring.  

It was a long, emotional day. My sister, Wendi, had to stay in the hospital here. I am staying with her and hoping to go down to be with Hayden Tuesday morning.   

I had a bag of SunChips & a granola bar this evening for 6 points. I’m trying to make smart choices while we are in the hospital. I am committed to this journey!

POINTS = 18/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 1 used/34 remaining
H2O = 32 oz

Please keep my sweet nephew in your thoughts & prayers. I know Hayden is in great hands, not only with the NICU doctors, but more importantly God has His hand on him & has a plan for this his life!


Dancing Sweet Pea said...

What a cutie Hayden is! Congrats again! You must be so proud!
Sorry to hear about the complications. Everything will work out. I had the same problems when I was born and turned out ok -- I think! :) LOL!
Just keep the faith, keep praying and be strong for your sister!

Syl said...

Hayden and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

Heidi said...

Such sweet pictures of everyone. How is it that your sister looks so wonderful after just having given birth. I'm rooting for your little guy. He will be fine. You are right, he is in good hands. This is a fairly common condition and I'm sure everything will work out soon. I hope you got the chance to go see him this morning.

spunkysuzi said...

Definitely keeping Hayden and your family in my thoughts and prayers!

Mae Flowers said...

What a beautiful baby. Thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Darc, thanks for keeping us updated. He is really precious! Clayton and I will be praying for him... God is good!


Marcelle said...

What an adorable precious little boy...holding him and the family up in prayer...
God does have a wonderful life planned out for him,....believe that!!!

Jenna Marie said...

Praying for baby Hayden James and all of his wonderful family! I know everything will be okay in the end, he is in God's hands, and God already has a plan for that lil boy! Thanks for the updates hun! xoxo

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